Order Selector Job Description and Its Required Skills, Experiences, Knowledge, etc


An order selector can also be called an order picker. He/she receives and checks incoming pick tickets. He also locates products with tech and retrieves orders based on size, quantity, etc ensuring accuracy. Now, we will discuss the order selector job description further here.

Order Selector Job Description Template

We are hiring an order selector now. In this role, he/she ensures timely and accurate product delivery. If you fulfill this position, you will be required to use warehouse equipment to build & send appropriate orders. We will also talk about some requirements in this order picker job description.

To be an order picker, you must always be on time. The ability to work standing long hours is also required. An ideal candidate must be strong & deft. The next requirement is the ability to pick up small details. In addition, we want a candidate who is picky when ensuring the orders’ quality.

Order Selector Job Responsibilities

There will be many tasks and duties that belong to order selector job responsibilities. A professional order selector must be familiar with these. If you find that you are able to do all these responsibilities, you may be our ideal candidate. Here are the detailed tasks and duties an order selector has to do:

  • Receives and checks incoming pick tickets
  • Locates products with tech
  • Retrieves orders based on size, quantity, etc ensuring accuracy
  • Builds pallets with orders
  • Locates them to loading docks
  • Wraps orders before you load them on trucks
  • Re-stocks inventory with warehouse equipment or manually
  • Keeps records of completed orders
  • Maintains equipment and reports on malfunctions
  • Adhere to the policies of safety and health as well as quality standards

Order Selector Job Requirements

Applying for this position requires you to meet some requirements. When it comes to the order selector job requirements, they relate to certain experiences, educational degrees, skills, etc. If you meet these required qualifications, you may be an ideal candidate and we want to meet you for an interview.

  • Proven work experience in a warehouse position especially as an order selector
  • License or experience in handling warehouse equipment such as pallets jacks and forklifts
  • Experience in RF devices or voice picking systems
  • Able to write and read English
  • Good attention to detail
  • Punctual and diligent
  • Good physical stamina and strength
  • High school diploma/equivalent will be preferred

Order Selector Job Description FAQs

What does an order selector do?

An order selector or order picker receives and checks incoming pick tickets. He also locates products with tech and retrieves orders based on size, quantity, etc ensuring accuracy.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Yes, you can. This order selector job description template is editable. So, just feel free to tailor it to your needs.

Do you have interview questions for an order selector?

This web does not only contain the order selector job description but also a collection of questions to interview order selector candidates.


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