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Pest Analysis Template To Guide You In Understanding External Aspects of Your Business

No business requires no analysis. Pest analysis template can be one of the functional tools to guide a company in understanding the surrounding environment through data collection. This pest analysis helps you to identify the external aspects of your business, especially finding how pests affect the environment of your company or business fields.

PEST stands for political, economic, social, and technological. Thus, pest analysis covers how those aspects affect the business. In this article, you will be presented by several pest analysis templates that you may be looking for. Have a look at every template content to allow you to understand the aspects to analyze and finally you can find the most suitable template to fit your needs.

Here is some pest analysis template samples review you can view on.

Basic PEST Analysis Template

The first widely used pest analysis you need to check out is the basic pest analysis template. It is carefully designed by both experts and professionals in a very comprehensive format. It starts with the formal suggestive headings along with a description of the situation being analyzed. Later, the format comes in eight sections which are political, economic, social, technological, and four sections for criteria examples. Each of these sections is listing down several points dealing with the pest analysis.

You can download this basic pest analysis template easily and quickly in PDF file format.

Pest Analysis Template for Pharmaceutical Industry

If you want to download and use the simple and effective template to carry on pest analysis for the pharmaceutical industry, this one can be the best option to consider. This template is editable and fully customizable, allowing you to edit the content as well as customize the layout template such as colors, style, etc.

This pest analysis template for the pharmaceutical industry is now available to download in PDF file format with 180 KB size.

Pest Analysis Template for Retail Industry

Even for the retail industry, we provide you with the format which is very structural so that you can easily understand all about retail. It comes with the suggestive headings and followed directly by the table analyzing the pest of a retail business. It consists of the criteria of the retailer, current turnover, targeted turnover, outlets, and projected outlets.

Download this pest analysis for your retail business in PDF file format with 140 KB size only and make the most of it.

You may also see other Pest analysis template samples later on this page for more inspiration.

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