Picker Job Description for fluent Shipping Process

The picker job description explains the responsibilities during working in a distribution center, production facilities, and warehouse. It assists with shipping activities by picking merchandise and preparing them from the shelves. By the way, the Picker Packer job description below will outline more than what you know. It is ready to meet your necessary flawlessly.

Picker Packer Job Description outlines 10 Responsibilities

For your information, the picker is the same as the Warehouse Picker, Order Picker, and Picker Packer. The main responsibilities are concise and the Picker job description clarifies it into 10 duties such as below:

  1. Ensure the work areas keep well-organized, neat, and clean.
  2. Take inventory and report shortages besides packing incoming stock away.
  3. Keep records of outcome and incoming shipments.
  4. Pick orders according to the management requests.
  5. Seal and tag containers then confirm the accuracy of the orders. The picker must confirm the picking tickets by signing it.
  6. Ensure the attaching shipping information is correct. Then, move the orders to the shipping area if it completes.
  7. Prepare pallets to place containers and keep securing the wrap from the stretch, strapping, and shrink.
  8. Use forklift, totes, and jacks to load and load trucks.
  9. Obey OSHA and other regulations for working safety.
  10. Assist in maintain warehouse security.

7 Qualifications for Picker Job Description 2020

The recent information on the Picker job description, this staff needs 7 qualifications to meet. In general, the company will request:

  • High school diploma. But, GED or suitable equivalent keeps passing administrative selection.
  • 1 year or more for working experience in a picker position.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with a diverse range of people harmoniously.
  • Proficient with using tools suitable for the position.
  • Physically agile and dexterous.
  • Proficient organizational skills.

4 Guides to Interview Picker Candidates

Do you need a guide to screen the Picker applicants? Well, utilize the following questions and you will get the right people:

  1. Ask for the candidate to shows the desire to adhere to rules.
  2. Get their willingness to work with others.
  3. Shows eye for detail.
  4. Demonstrates the ability to multitask.

Create smart questions from those points until generating professional answers. Add other questions based on your company policies and desire. They will work using their power and mind so it needs a balanced combination between physic and intelligence. Therefore, do not only prioritize one of them. Okay, thank you for reading the picker job description. Good luck!


  • What is Picker?

A Picker is the same as the Picker Packer, Warehouse Picker, and Order Picker. The workplaces are in the shipping industries like a warehouse, production manufacturers, and distribution center.

  • How does it perform?

It performs for picking items on the shelves and then prepares them for shipping. These primary responsibilities break into 10 duties and the picker must meet it.

  • How to hire a Picker effective and efficient?

Create some interview questions that will generate professional answers from the candidate. The questions must contain their ability to adhere to rules, willingness, and multitasks. Always highlight the role of the job in the workplace, duties, and qualifications on your job list. Use it as a tool to screen candidates when posting a job advertisement.



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