Police Sergeant Job Description: Understand the Sergeant’s Responsibilities

Do you want to be a police sergeant? If so, you certainly need to understand the police sergeant job description first. By knowing it, you can understand the responsibilities and also the requirements of this position. So, just have a good look at the police sergeant job description resume below to know more about it.

The Top 7 Responsibilities of Police Sergeant Job Description

When you become a police sergeant, you should do some responsibilities as follows. Let’s check them out.

  1. Supervise and guide staffs

First, a police sergeant has to supervise the subordinate staff to make sure that they do their duties well. Besides, they should guide the staff for having good performances.

  1. Assist with some activities

Second, someone in this position should always assist with some activities in their office. They can do it for shift briefing, performance evaluations, and even training.

  1. Head personal issues

When there are personal issues, a police sergeant should be the first person to head it.

  1. Investigate allegations

The fourth responsibility of police sergeant job description is investigating certain allegations of misconduct. They should do it to find out the issues.

  1. Educate regulatory changes and new technology of police

This fifth responsibility is important to do for the staff to make them recognize any changes in the office.

  1. Prepare reports

When there are some issues t reports, a police sergeant should prepare them.

  1. Cooperate with a legal and law enforcement stakeholder

Last, a police sergeant should do this responsibility to build a good relationship with that stakeholder.

The Requirements of Police Sergeant Job Description

If you want to apply for this job, you need to know the requirements. Here they are.

  1. Having a high school diploma

The first requirement you should fulfill is a high school diploma. If you have a lower degree than the high school diploma, you will not be able to get this job.

  1. Graduating from a certain academy with accredited law enforcement

This requirement of police sergeant job description can be the preferred point while applying for this position. So, before you apply for it, make sure you graduated from an accredited law enforcement academy.

  1. 3+ years of police experience

Third, you should at least have more than three years of police experience. Without this experience, you are not allowed to be a police sergeant.

  1. Degree in criminal justice

Then, some offices may prefer a candidate with a specific degree. If you have a degree in criminal justice, it can be a plus point for you.

  1. Mastering Microsoft Office and data entry software

In doing this position, a police sergeant needs to operate Microsoft to manage data. Besides, they will deal with some data entries of various issues. In this matter, they should master both Microsoft office and some kinds of data entry software.



What is a police sergeant?

A police sergeant is someone who works as a supervisor in a certain police force.


What are the responsibilities of a police sergeant?

Someone who works in this position should supervise the staff, assist with some activities, head and investigate issues, and much more.


Yes, that is all about the police sergeant job description you need to know. Just earn it well before you decide to be a police sergeant.



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