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Bi-weekly Budget Template and Its Sample

If you earn weekly salary, you can use a bi-weekly budget template so that you can plan and track record of your expenses. Besides that, it helps you trace how much you’ve spent & what particular dates you’ve spent most, too. Then, it’s very important to note your earning pattern.

What Is a Bi-weekly Budget Template?

A budget template is a tool that helps you track your regular income vs expenses accurately. It also helps you manage your money easily. In addition, it helps you know where your money goes every month. A budget template is available in different types.

For you who earn money monthly, you have to use a monthly budget template. However, if you earn money weekly or bi-weekly, you should consider using a bi-weekly budget template. This will be very useful to manage your finance. It is not only easy but also accurate.

How Do I set Up a Bi-weekly Budget?

Setting up a bi-weekly budget can be done with the following 5 steps. First of all, you will have to list your bills completely and accurately. Second of all, what you will need to do is to fill a bill payment calendar.

Third of all, you should write your 1st bi-weekly budget. After that, you can continue with your 2nd bi-weekly budget. Last but not least, you are required to track your spending. Make sure that you follow all the steps well so that your bi-weekly budget will be accurate and work well.

How to Create a Bi-weekly Budget

You can create such a budget template easily using Ms. Excel. Firstly, you have to make the categories of your budget. Here, you must create the categories of your expenses for your monthly budget. Secondly, you will have to identify your own monthly expenses.

For the next step, you should allocate your income to your expenses. Lastly, you will have to plan how to manage the 3rd paycheck. Ms. Excel can be considered the easiest tool to use to create such a budget template. However, you can consider using any other computer software.

Tips to Create a Bi-weekly Budget

To create such a budget template, make sure that you total your take-home pay, add your fixed expenses, add non-monthly costs, add up contributions to financial goals, do some simple math, and add up your discretionary spending.

If you don’t k now how to start creating it, it will be a good idea to use our bi-weekly budget template. Since our template is free to download and easy to edit, you will save money, time, & effort for creating it, just feel free to find & pick your preferred template and edit it to fit your needs.

Printable Bi-weekly Budget Template Sample

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