10+ Barter Agreement Template

Barter Agreement Template and Its Sample

In the past, barter was very popular. Now, everything is bought with money. However, it doesn’t mean that barter doesn’t exist today. There are still many people who make a barter agreement. If you are also interested in it, you can pay attention to the following barter agreement template.

What Is a Barter Agreement?

A barter agreement can be defined as a trade of services or goods without using money. This kind of arrangement is usually created between 2 parties repeatedly transacting business with each other. They trust each other. They also want to change certain goods or services with each other for a reason.

What Should You Include in a Barter Agreement?

A barter agreement should contain a few details. Usually, this kind of agreement starts with contact information referring to the person who offers his/her products or services. These details may include his/her name, phone number, company name, home address, title, etc.

Besides that, such an agreement must also contain the information about what he/she can offer to you as well as the quantity of the offer. In addition, what you will need to include next relates to what you request to get.  Make sure to describe the specific products/services in detail.

Moreover, statement of the barter agreement must be included, too. The names of persons agreeing the terms & conditions should be stated here. Then, don’t forget to add the terms & conditions of the barter agreement. In the last, it should come with signatures of both parties.

How to Make a Barter Agreement

To create an agreement for barter, you will have to calculate the monetary value of the services or goods involved first. After that, you can start negotiations with the other party in order to write the specific terms of the agreement.

For the next step, you can directly write a contract or agreement including the agreed on details of the barter. Creating such an agreement is very challenging; Therefore, make sure that you follow the detailed step by step above so that you can create the agreement properly.

Tips to Make a Barter Agreement Template

Before your start negotiation, it is a must for you to know the company’s background information first. This may relate to its history, goals, and purposes. Besides that, it is also very important to have a discussion with the CEO of the company whether it is via phone, email, or a meeting.

In addition, you also need to record & document everything including what they’ve said as well as what they offer in return. One more, it is better for you to re-evaluate what you have. For example, it relates to whether you & your partner will be business partners after the barter agreement is signed & approved.

If you are a businessman, you must be able to create a barter agreement. It may take a lot of time and effort. However, our barter agreement template will help you a lot. Since it is editable, you will be able to create such an agreement effortlessly.

Barter Agreement Template Sample


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