Hotel Brochure Customizable PSD Design Template

Hotel Brochure Design with Proper Layout

Using brochures is the common media for marketing. It is versatile for any business, including hotels and tourism. Most hotels rely on brochures for the marketing campaign. To ensure you have the right one, the hotel brochure must consider a few things. The design, layout, contents, and style should represent the business itself.

Hotel Brochure Ideas and Styles

The brochure for the hotel is relatively similar to others. You can use a template from the general brochure then edit it to fit with a specific hotel and resort business. It sounds simple and easy, but you should know what the Hotel brochure looks like.

Two approaches are available when you design this kind of brochure. Firstly, it is for usual marketing that promotes the rooms, services, prices, and others. Clients will see this one as a primary reference. On the other hand, the second option is a special brochure for a certain offer. For example, Christmas and New Year are the best periods for a new offer. The hotel will create a brochure that only works for a special Christmas offer. The design and style should be adjusted to this theme. From this point, the brochure is dedicated to a specific situation.

Hotel Brochure Design and Layout

Moreover, the brochure utilizes full printed-paper with various sizes. In general, you can keep the brochure by one hand and fold it into your pocket. The layout incorporates tri-fold mode since it is more flexible. It gives more space when you want to add many contents. As an alternative, bi-fold is useful when you create a brochure with less content.

People justify whether the business is legit or not just by looking at the brochure. It is an important thing for the hotel business before creating a brochure. Text, contents, and layout must look professional. It uses formal words with marketing engagement. If your hotel is premium and luxury, make sure the brochure adopts that aspect completely.

Hotel Brochure Contents

The next section will explore the contents that must be included in the hotel brochure. They are the key points why you make the brochure. People want to know more services from the hotel. Here are the necessary points on the brochure.

  1. Hotel name and brochure title

At the front cover, you can see the hotel name and title. The name is enough if you want clients to think about regular hotels. You will put more on the next pages. On the contrary, the brochure can use attention getter for the title. The word is something that attracts more people for visiting and staying.

  1. Facilities and room detail

As usual, the next page will provide details about facilities and rooms. Make sure everything is organized in proper composition.

  1. Prices

You cannot forget the prices, although this part is not mandatory. Most people will look for a hotel that provides a fair price compared to other accommodation and services.

Hotel Brochure PSD Templates

To make a hotel brochure, you can use the PSD template. It is ready to file with proper items. You can download and edit it to adjust to your hotel. Moreover, it has a PSD extension that is compatible with Photoshop. Editing becomes easier and simpler with this software. 

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