10+ Basic Monthly Timesheet Template

Basic Monthly Timesheet Template to Manage the Employee’s Performance

Managing the performance of the employees becomes an important matter to be done by the employer. When the performance of the employees could be managed well, the business will run better. That is why you –as an employer, need to know about the basic monthly timesheet template.

Using a basic monthly timesheet can be an effective way to do better management. This document consists of the detailed time and things that the employees do. Of course, all activities of the employees could be recorded through this document.

What is Basic Monthly Timesheet?

Then, what does the basic monthly timesheet mean? In simpler, it can be said that a timesheet is a data table that is used by the employer to track the detailed working of the employees in a certain period. It means the timesheet could be made for monthly or other certain times.

This document is commonly used for the business as a tool to manage the performance of the employees. Of course, some different methods could be applied in using this document, such as using paper, spreadsheet software, and others.

Why is a Basic Monthly Timesheet Important for Business?

It could be said that the basic monthly timesheet is an important document to be used for the running of the business. Using this document will be very useful since it will help the employers to inform the deadline for the employee. Of course, with a clear deadline, the targets can be reached well.

On another hand, this document is also useful to maintain the budget allocation. Every project inside the company needs a budget to run. Of course, the use of the budget should be tracked, so the risk of loss of budget could be avoided.

The basic monthly timesheet is also quite useful to find the best strategy for running the project. Through using this document, an employer will have a better way to divide the tasks of the employees at the best time. The efficient time will provide a better running of the project.

What to Include Inside Basic Monthly Timesheet?

Some information should be added inside the basic monthly timesheet, especially when you want to make it as a document to manage the performance of the employees. The detailed points to be added inside this document are:

  • The basic information of the employee
  • Period of pay
  • Date and day worked
  • Detailed hours worked
  • Total workweek hours
  • Detailed achievement
  • And others

The information inside the basic monthly timesheet can be different based on the purposes of the employer in using it. Of course, more detailed information is better to maximize the use and the advantage of this document. However, please make it carefully and use the formal writing style.

Basic Monthly Timesheet Template File

To make a good basic monthly timesheet, you could use a template. Using the basic monthly timesheet template will be very useful since there are basic shapes and information there. Some templates of the basic monthly timesheet are available on this page to be downloaded for free.

Basic Monthly Timesheet Template Sample

Download :

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