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Bifold Brochure Template for Business Support

To enlarge the business, finding unique and creative marketing is a must. Well, a brochure can be one of the interesting marketing ways to try. These are many ideas of the brochure to show the detailed business, including what you see in the Bifold brochure template.

Do you ever know about the Bifold brochure? This brochure is also known as a half brochure. As its name, the main paper can be folded into two sections. With this design, of course, the brochure will have more space to write detailed information and it also will be easier to be brought.

What Are the Uses of the Bifold Brochure?

In simple, the Bifold brochure is applied as a medium to promote the product or business. However, there are several uses of the Bifold brochure that can be the inspiration for you about how to use it.

This brochure can be used as paper to show restaurant menus or recipes. Using the brochure for this purpose is a good idea. The visitors will be easier to see the complete menus and compare them. Besides, the appearance of the menu also will be more interesting.

On another hand, the Bifold brochure is also useful when it is used as an invitations. The brochure will make the invitation is easy to read. Moreover, the traditional invitation has two parts to write information.

What Are Factors to Consider in Making Bifold Brochure?

Since the Bifold brochure is important to support your business and other needs, you need to make a good brochure with detailed information. About making the Bifold brochure, some factors need to be considered when you want to make it.

The factors to consider are:

  • Color
  • Types of fonts and size
  • Overall size
  • Graphic
  • Paper stoke
  • Image detail
  • Detailed information
  • And others

Making an interesting and readable Bifold brochure is a must. That is why you need to consider the detailed graphics and the arrangement of information in making the brochure.

Mistakes to Avoid in Making Bifold Brochure

There are also some mistakes in making the Bifold brochure that you need to know. Choosing an inexperienced printing company becomes the main mistake that many people do. Since the Bifold brochure needs great quality, you must choose the right printing company.

On another hand, wasting word in arranging the information also become the next common mistake that happens. Although the Bifold brochure should consist of complete information, of course, you need to make sure that all written information is important.

An over design also sometimes becomes a mistake in making the Bifold brochure. The design is an important aspect of making the Bifold brochure. However, you need to be wise. Do not put too many color combinations and graphic factor in arranging the brochure since it could decrease the readability of the brochure.

Bifold Brochure Template Files

Using the Bifold brochure template can be a helper when you want to make this document. On this page, we have several templates of the Bifold brochure that you could download for free!

Printable Bifold Brochure Template Sample

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