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Free Customizable Blank Bookmark Template Samples

A bookmark serves to keep our page in the current book on our nightstand. Besides that, it is also useful to hold our place in a classic for us in order to pull down from its shelf and then return to time & time again. In this article, we provide you a collection of a blank bookmark template.

Tips for Choosing a Bookmark

Without argument, a good bookmark should have some inherent attributes. First, it must be made from a thin & durable material. Besides that, a good bookmark also has to be large enough. Therefore, you will be able to find it in the pages easily. It may also come with an element like a ribbon or tassel.

In addition, you need to know that a quality bookmark must be unassuming. Therefore, it doesn’t stick out too much from the confines of the edges of the book. One more, it cannot be wider than a quarter of a book page.

How to Create a Bookmark

A bookmark can be made from different materials. The options include metal, cloth, and paper, plastic, silk, and leather. To create a bookmark, you can use a knife or scissors to cut thin 6×2-inch pieces of paper. Here, you can use any type of paper from card stock to colorful construction paper.

You can make it taller or wider based on your preference. Make sure that you create a bookmark that fits your needs. You can laminate the stripes to make it more durable. To make it more attractive, just feel free to be creative.

To make your task easier, it will be a good idea to use our free blank bookmark template. Just cut a piece of cardboard into 6×2 templates. Using our template is the best and easiest way to create your desired bookmark efficiently.

How to Use Bookmarks

Every book must have a bookmark. It can be argued that many books are better served by more than 1. Someone can turn to these referenced pages easily & find the words they look for without having to surf through the whole book. It must also be noted that it helps people to read the same book at once.

Book clubs may hand out bookmarks as a symbolic membership or gesture. Bookstores & libraries can give free bookmarks to encourage readership. In addition, bookmarks can also be used as civic events, advertisements for different businesses, or marketing devices.

People use bookmarks on different occasions. A bookmark serves more functions than marking the book pages. You can use it to doodle during class. It can also be used to write words that one doesn’t know & wishes to look up. It is also a good idea to add favorite quotes to bookmarks.

Bookmark Template Samples

You can find your preferred blank bookmark template here. Some of the examples include a “thank you” bookmark, a quote bookmark, a note bookmark, a reminder bookmark, etc. After you find your desired bookmark template, you can start customizing it to fit your needs.



Printable Blank Bookmark Template Sample

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