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CD Booklet Template and tips to make it impressive

Setting up the booklet for CD will be challenging. The CD booklet template will have some purposes that will help you to do your business. With this idea, you can operate Microsoft Word to make the basic booklet to insert into your CD cases. Therefore, you should not worry if you arrange this template.

What is the importance of a CD booklet template?

The CD booklet template idea has an essential thing for the CD because it will be a great way to make money as an artist or a band do. Physical music is not necessarily a big seller so that you need to pay attention to the design of your booklet. You also need to think about what you want in the booklet.

How to create a CD booklet template in Word

When you want to arrange this CD booklet template format, you need to set the booklet suitable with some time and concentration. Moreover, your initial effort has to pay off when you save the booklet as a template. With this idea, you can modify the title, add lyrics and other text and customize graphics suitable to your needs.

To make it in Word, you can follow some ideas below. The steps are simple so that you can make your CD booklet idea design impressive. Here are some of the steps to follow when you want to arrange a CD booklet:

  • You can begin by starting Word and open a new, blank document and select the Page Layout tab and click the page setup dialog launcher in the lower-right corner. You also can select Book Fold in the Multiple Page list.
  • After that, you can select the insert tab and click the table and choose a 1 x 1 table. You can click the layout tab under the table tool and change both the cell height and width to 4.75 that is the dimension of a jewel-case insert
  • Press CTRL + End to get the bottom of the page and press CTRL + Enter to insert a new page and you can copy the table and paste it onto the second page.

You can repeat those processes with the remaining tables, alternating left, and right alignment so the table will meet at the center of each page. This section will give you more advantages to make a great booklet.

Tips to make a CD booklet template

Furthermore, you also need to know some tips that will make your CD booklet design awesome. In this idea, you can follow some ideas below that will make your booklet template awesome.

  • You can point to the upper-right corner of the first table and click the double arrow that appears to select the
  •      table
  • To make your template impressive, you can add sample text to the table cells on each page and you can replace the sample text with the appropriate text or images when you want to use the template
  • You have to choose the file tab and select print to apply the print setting and select print on both sides if you want to have a duplex printer

To arrange this CD booklet template is simple as long as you understand the purpose of the booklet. You also need to make this template impressive when you can make the template suitable for your needs.

Printable CD Booklet Template Sample

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