10+ Printable CD Case customizable psd template

CD Case Template and tips to make it awesome

The CD Case Template is one of the best ideas for you who want to get the satisfaction case for your CD. This idea will be useful because you can create a unique design for your CD case so that you will get the satisfaction CD without any difficulties if you can arrange this template properly from the steps.

What is a CD Case Template?

The CD Case Template idea will be the best choice for you because this part will grab much attention and detract from what is actually on the CD. The case also will make your CD getting different from others so that you have to make this case properly. You can follow some steps to make this idea without any difficulties.

How to create a CD Case Template

When you arrange this CD Case Template format, you can decide the design of the case. You can use the design software needs so previous experience and all of the template so that you can instantly edit it easily. The most important in this case is that you need to apply the artwork. It should be clean and contemporary with many designs featuring modern.

You also can follow some steps below to make a proper CD Case Template design. Here are some of the steps to follow when you are arranging this template design.

  • You can begin your template by creating a circle shape with the Ellipse Tool. You can open the properties panel and edit some parameters. You only need to set the size.
  • After that, you can add two more circles with the same fill and stroke properties. You can set the size suitable to your need and select all the circle layers and align them to the top using the Align Panel
  • You can finish your template by selecting the circle layers and group them. You can place your design image under it and now you can print the case, cut it, and put it on your CD

Tips to make CD Case Template impressive

Furthermore, you also will need some tips that will make your CD Case design format impressive. The tips also will make your template impressive and awesome when it is looked at. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You can select the proper template that can be customized suitable to your need
  • Remember to change the color and the text of your own personal message using over 100 fresh fonts so that you need to select the proper fonts
  • If the disc has your family photos and videos, you can insert a beautiful photo to the cover of the template

Customize the CD Case Template properly

Finally, you only need to customize the CD Case Template. In this part, you only need to repurpose your album case as a social media post. Besides, the advanced editing option lets your experiment with the brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, and also the hue of your template. You need to give a chance to tailor the design to your exact preference.

Printable CD Case Template Sample

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