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CD cover template and tips to make it in Photoshop

If you want to design a CD cover and you do not know how to operate Photoshop, you can look for the proper CD cover template. This cover design is not too difficult to design because you can select the proper design suitable for your need. You only need to customize the template without any difficulties.

What is the role of a CD cover template?

The CD cover template idea has an essential role for your CD because your cover is your calling card to the record industry. Therefore, you have to design the cover and the other graphics for your release. It will determine your success or failure as a musician. You need to have a proper picture on the cover to represent the content of the CD.

How to create a CD cover template

When you want to design the proper CD cover template design, you need to pay attention to the picture. It should deserve a little bit of math here before you continue it in Photoshop editing. In this part, you have to select the proper picture resolution and number of pixels that will show the best quality of the cover.

If you have the proper picture, you can follow some of the steps below to make a proper CD cover template format. The steps will make your cover awesome without any difficulties. Here are the steps to follow:

  • You can begin by looking for the background picture. You will have plenty of resources where you can find the picture of interest for your CD
  • You can open the picture in Photoshop and set the picture suitable with your need to make it impressive
  • You can resize the picture so that the smaller of the width and height equal to 1370 and download open the artwork template
  • You also need to download the CD label artwork template from the service provider and open it in Photoshop. After that, you can copy and paste the template over the background picture.

Tips to make a CD cover template impressive

Besides, you also need to follow some ideas that will make your CD impressive. The CD cover design idea needs some tips that will make your template awesome. Here are some of the tips to make the template impressive.

  • You need to highlight the template layer and adjust its opacity to make it semi-transparent. You can do it to allow you to see through the template to reveal the background picture
  • You also need to move the template to the right position by choosing the move tool from the tool palette and with the template layer highlight and you can use the left and right arrow keys to move the template to the position you want
  • You only need to type in the necessary text with the semi-transparent template as a guide. You can type in the necessary text so that it will not be outside of the template boundary
  • Crop the picture and clean up the unwanted area. You also need to disable the template layer or delete the template layer.

Those are the ideas to arrange a CD cover template. It is not difficult to arrange so that you will get the satisfaction cover without any difficulties.

Printable CD cover template Sample

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