10+ Printable Change Order Template

Change Order Template for Business Needs

When you run the construction project as the kind of business, you may introduce a new or modification from the original plan. It is a very common matter to be done since sometimes the reality shows a different thing from the plan. That is why knowing the change order template is needed.

Although it is a common matter to be made, when you are in the situation to change order, you need to run it professionally. Of course, it is an important matter since you apply it for the business need. The professional document will show your professionalism too and keep the trust of the client.

What is Change Order?

The change order is a written document that is made by the client during the running of the project. The main purpose of this document is to modify the scope of the work from the original contract. It can be said that the document will describe the new work to delete the previous one.

As we have said before, the change order is a common document, especially for the construction project. However, this document should be made wisely and professionally. Another matter to be known about the change order is it should be made based on the contract laws.

How to Make Change Order?

Since the change order is an important document, of course, you need to make it carefully. There are some steps as guidelines when you want to make it. By following the guidelines, creating a change order will be easier to be done.

Some steps as a guideline that you may follow are:

  • Review the original contract or order
  • Determine if you need to make some changes to the order
  • Write the detailed date the contract for the change order
  • Provide some detailed description of the new plan or change
  • Get the necessary signature for the detailed form

Tips to Make a Good Change Order

Besides knowing the steps to make a good change order, there are some tips in making it that you also need to know. Of course, knowing some tips is essential, so you could make this document carefully.

Since the change order is a professional document, the first tip that you could consider is preparing it well. Yes, the change order should be well-prepared, so you will not do another mistake there.

On another hand, you may use a template in making it. Using a template can be a helper since there is a default shape of the change order on the template. However, you need to edit the template based on the detailed information that you want to change.

Change Order Template File

To ease you in writing the document of the change order, you could use a template. Well, by applying a template, of course, writing the change order will be easier and the result of the document also will be better.

On this page, we have several samples of the change order template that you may find. Of course, all templates of the change order are free to download and it is easy to be edited. You just need to scroll the page down and find the best template, as you want.

Printable Change Order Template Sample

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