Probation Officer Job Description: List of Duties They Must Do

Do you want to be a probation officer? If it is so, you need to recognize how to become a probation officer. To get it, you can follow everything in this probation officer job description. Here, there are some responsibilities that must the probation officers do and the requirements that they should have. So, please follow them carefully!

Top 5 Responsibilities in the Probation Officer Job Description

The probation officers must do their role well. They are available in the information below.

  1. Recommend the rehabilitation

First, the probation officers have to develop, recommend, and implement the rehabilitation for the offenders. Besides, they should also do that for the treatment plans.

  1. Interview the probationers

In this second responsibility, the probation officers have to interview the probationers frequently. Actually, it can help them to evaluate the progress of the probationers.

  1. Get contact

In this probation officer job description, you will know that the probation officers will maintain the contact or have a communication. They can do it with the probationers and also their families.

  1. Initiate court action

The fourth responsibility this profession should do is to initiate court action when there are violations. Thus, the probations violations found will be handled immediately.

  1. Validate compliance with programs of substance abuse treatment

The last, the probation officer should do this responsibility by administering both alcohol and drug tests.

The Requirements of Probation Officer Job Description

When you want to be a probation officer, you should certainly fulfill some requirements. Here are the most necessary requirements to consider.

  1. Have related field degrees

First, the candidate of this position should have the related field degrees of a probation officer. In this matter, you need to have a degree in sociology, criminal justice, or criminology if you want this job.

  1. Get certain previous experiences

This position needs someone that has previous experiences in three matters. They are management, probation, or law enforcement.

  1. Have social perceptiveness and critical thinking skills

Since a probation officer will face some problems, they should be able to think critically. Besides, to have a social perceptiveness is also important to support this position.

  1. Have a capability to manage multiple cases

The fourth requirement of probation officer job description is being able to manage multiple cases. With this capability, every case will be handled well.

  1. Have great listening and communication skills

Every time probation officer works, they should deal with various types of people. In this matter, they should have good listening skills to catch every point of someone else. Besides, they should have communication skills to explain certain points to others clearly.


What is a probation officer?

A probation officer is someone who works to manage some cases and supervise all compliances from the probationers. He can do it with the right probation terms.


What are the responsibilities of a probation officer?

The probation’s responsibilities are recommending rehabilitation, interviewing probationers, initiating court action, and much more.


What are the requirements to be a probation officer?

If someone wants to be a probation officer, they should fulfill a few requirements. They are a related degree of this field, good previous experience, critical thinking skills, and some other matters.


Well, that is all about probation officer job description. Catch some important points of it.


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