Real Estate Assistant Jon Description

Real Estate Assistant Job Description 2020 to supports Agents

A real estate agent and the real estate broker always need an assistant to complete its administration tasks. Does it imply a company must understand what is the real estate assistant job description? Well, it is the template that explains how does it work for the real estate broker? Even, the real estate assistant job description template explains the performance of more than one real estate agent.

Real Estate Assistant Job Description outlines 10 Its Responsibilities

Real Estate Assistants that can work with more real estate brokers or agents or provide mostly administrative support. It includes scheduling appointments, answering the telephone, and assisting with paperwork. Besides that, the real estate assistant job description eases your understanding of 10 duties. Look at below:

  1. Greet clients including by answering the telephone as well as making follow-up calls.
  2. Make travel arrangements, schedule meetings, and prepare correspondence.
  3. Preparing real estate documents as well as forms.
  4. Obtain feedback, assist at open houses, and coordinate the show.
  5. Prepare the marketing materials and distribute them. Then, order supplies.
  6. Maintain the system of electronic and paper filing.
  7. List materials as well as post the property listings.
  8. Prepare reports while managing a client database.
  9. The Real Estate Assistant must help to close processes.
  10. Undertake other assigning duties.

Real Estate Assistant Job Description Requirements according to State Law and Regulations

The real estate assistant job description not only records the responsibilities. However, it does not forget to complete the requirements as the key to hiring the employee. Regard your duties to arrange the responsibilities finish so you should prepare to arrange the requirements. Well, there are 9 points to meet by all candidates to apply for the job. It consists of:

  • The real estate agent must at least graduate from GED or high school diploma.
  • Nonetheless, degree education always prefers.
  • It has had previous experience working in the real estate industry to add new company benefits.
  • Good verbal and written skills for communication.
  • The Real Estate Assistant has to operate Microsoft Office Proficiently.
  • Always ready to work as part of a team and independently.
  • It can show numeracy and organizational skill awesomely.
  • The critical thinking and problem-solving skills are mesmerizing.
  • The ability to attend to detail is excellent.

Bonus: Real Estate Agent and Realtor

All this time, most people call the real estate agent as a realtor but both are different. The real estate agent has to prove that it has a license. Without the license, it cannot help the clients to purchase or sell the properties. In the meantime, a realtor is a trademark that works as the real estate agent but it has activated and joins NAR. NAR is the National Association of Realtors that becomes the largest US trade association.

Well, that is detailed information on the real estate assistant job description to comply with. In 2020, you should utilize this information as well as possible. Do not perpetuate if you want to successfully hire and screening the most professional assistant. Good luck!


  • What is a Real Estate Assistant?

The real estate assistant supports administrative tasks that become the responsibility of a real estate broker and real estate agent. The administrative supports include answering the telephone, assisting with paperwork, and scheduling appointments.

  • How does your Real Estate Assistant Company hiring it?

After completing your job description, you can directly hire it by submitting the right requirements.

  • Is the Template Editable?

Although the responsibilities and qualifications are according to state regulation and law, feel free to edit. You need to make your job desk different and have a character. Therefore, do anything you want to do for the best action for your business. Feel free to undertake it.


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