Receiving Clerk Job Description for Shipment Industries

Receiving Clerk job description applies to the manufacturer/ factory and in the warehouse part. It explains how this staff manages incoming deliveries from verifying up to processing any returns. It sounds so long but the Receiving Clerk description for resume proficient to describe it properly. Thus, you must stay abreast of further detailed information.

Receiving Clerk Job Description and 9 Routine Duties to meet

The Receiving Clerk is a staff working in a warehouse of the factory to manage incoming deliveries. The main duties include shipment verifying and signing before unloading as well as storing the items. Alongside that, this staff handles any return processing. The Receiving Clerk job description explains those main responsibilities in 9 regular duties. It does for better understanding for everyone:

  1. The Receiving Clerk compares purchase orders with packaging lists and invoices.
  2. Ensure between the invoice criteria and the match order by inspecting deliveries.
  3. Accept as well as give a signature for deliveries.
  4. Unload delivery items from trucks.
  5. Process returns for items that are unsatisfactory or incorrect.
  6. Organize receiving items while storing them in appropriate areas.
  7. Update inventory by accepting new items.
  8. Create communications for discussing problems or delays with vendors.
  9. Maintain records of delivery details, orders, and so on.

8 Qualifications on Receiving Clerk Job Description 2020

Based on this page, the Receiving Clerk job description reveals 8 qualifications. You must hope only prospective people coming to your interview session. If it is your wish looks at below:

  • A Receiving Clerk should graduate from a GED or high school diploma.
  • It can show the previous warehouse experience.
  • It can ensure the company with exceptional organization and communication skills.
  • Master warehouse safety regulations excellent.
  • Cool physical dexterity also the ability to operate forklifts according to experience.
  • Demonstrate proficient computer skills and knowledge of inventory software programs and data entry.
  • Credible basic math skills.

Tips for Hiring Receiving Clerk from Initial until Interview

For some people, those qualifications are easy to meet so you might receive a lot of application forms. Of course, you only want to meet the prospective candidates in the interview session. Therefore, this page is ready to guide you with these few tips. During organizing the job list, highlight the qualifications. However, do not forget to emphasize the role of the receiving clerk for your company. Lastly, do not forget to demonstrate job duties.

That is detailed information on the Receiving Clerk job description for effectively hiring new staff.  Believe it! You only will meet prospective people that are appropriate to your wish if you utilize this page. Later on, you quite make a little bit change to equivalent to your necessary. Even it frees. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is a Receiving Clerk?

A Receiving Clerk is a staff that works for a factory or warehouse with delivery activities. The main duty is maintaining incoming delivery items through some regular activities.

  • How does it manage the Chief Responsibilities?

Within managing the incoming deliveries, the Receiving Clerk starts by verifying for the shipment while signing for it. Then, it goes on unloading the items from the trucks as well as storing them in the right place. On the other hand, the Receiving Clerk is in charge of processing any returns.

  • Is this Template editable?

Yes and feel free to edit, customize, or modify it.


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