Reservation Agent Job Description: The Best Services for the Customers

In this reservation agent job description resume, you will recognize what the reservation agents must do to follow their roles. One of the duties is like serving the reservation and booking services for customers like hotel rooms, tickets, rental cars, and others. You can find the other duties in this reservation agent job description.

The Responsibilities in the Reservation Agent Job Description

There are some responsibilities that you have to learn as a reservation agent. Here they are.

  1. Help the customers

The first responsibility of the reservation agents is to help the customers in choosing the options of the travels. Besides, they should give a suggestion to choose that variety of options.

  1. Make reservation

In this duty, the reservation agents must make such a reservation for the customers. Please remember that it is based on their requirements and budget!

  1. Check the accommodation

Then, what is the third responsibility that must the reservation agents do? Here, they have to check the availability of accommodation and transportation. To check it, the agents must consider the customers’ desire for the travel dates.

  1. Process the payments

In this reservation agent job description, the reservation agents should help to process the payments of the customers’ reservation. Besides, they must also send the details’ confirmation to the customers.

  1. Promote the services

What about this fifth responsibility? Here, the role of the reservation agents is promoting and also selling the services of reservation to the customers. Thus, they will know everything about the offered services.

  1. Answer the questions

The other responsibility of the reservation agents that you have to know is answering the questions. What does it mean? Yea, it means that as the reservation agents, they have to answer any questions from the customers. Commonly, it is about the process of the reservation.

The Essential Requirements of the Reservation Agent Job Description

On the other hand, you must also recognize some requirements that you must have to be a reservation agent. They will be available for you in the information below.

  1. Get a high school diploma

First, you must get the education of a high school diploma. It is the main qualification in education.

  1. Have certification

This reservation agent job description provides the requirements to have the certification. The company will prefer you if you have a Certified Travel Associate (CTA) or Certified Travel Counselor (CTC).

  1. Have experience

Then, the next requirement that you must fulfill is that you must have experience. It is especially, working in sales, public relations, or travel industries.

  1. Have excellent skills

Here, the reservation agents should have excellent skills in communication and time management. For communication skills, includes written and verbal. Then, for time management skills, the reservation agents must be able to prioritize the tasks.


What is a reservation agent?

A reservation agent is an agent that will help the customers in booking the reservation needs.


What are the responsibilities of the reservation agent?

This agent will be responsible for promoting the services, making travel advice, booking rooms and tickets.


Well, it is about the information on the reservation agent job description. Just fulfill the requirements if you are interested in this job!



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