Restaurant Cook Job Description emphasizing 3 Main Components

The restaurant cook job description explains that this staff does not only cook in the kitchen. However, the responsibilities cover several actions from preparing ingredients until keeping the cleanliness. Even, make sure the restaurant is never lack of stock or supplies still become the responsibility. Arrange your template perfectly along with this restaurant cook job description for resume 2020.

Restaurant Cook Job Description for completing its Responsibilities

Without a cook, the restaurant will run even none deserve to call this name. Meanwhile, the cook is not only for cooking in the kitchen. Preparing ingredients and tools still becomes a responsibility. Ensuring workplace cleanliness, cooking stock and supplies become the liabilities. Is there any else? Assisting with day-to-day offerings and make a decision on menus may undertake by the cook.

The restaurant cook job description reveals those responsibilities into 9 duties. Watch and learn them below:

  1. Prepare the best and awesome meals for our customers.
  2. Measure, weigh, mix, and prepare ingredients according to recipes.
  3. Cook the ingredients (fish, meats, vegetables, or fruits) using various cooking methods. It is such as grilling, steaming, frying, or baking.
  4. Ensure the quality and freshness by checking ingredients and food.
  5. Arrange and garnish dishes.
  6. Work well although it is under pressure and or within the time limit.
  7. Make sure the condition of utensils, kitchen area, and equipment keeps clean and hygiene.
  8. Assist to lead and inspire other kitchen staff by conducting restaurant managerial.
  9. Welcome the guests with superb and delicious dishes.

5 Restaurant Cook Job Description Qualification to apply for in 2020

Well, prepare 5 qualifications to welcome a new cook in your restaurant. If you still confused to determine it just look at the following restaurant cook job description requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent. However, prioritize the candidate with a culinary school 2-4 year degree. Receive also the education of foreign equivalency.
  • Consider the candidate with prior experience in the food preparation position. Or, they with food and beverage service position. Demonstrate thorough experience with cold and hot food preparation.
  • Good knowledge of health codes and sanitation standards.
  • Proficient to use food processors, grinders, mixes, and other kitchen appliances.
  • Willing to work in a fast-paced environment conveniently.

When you want to post it in any media, do not forget three things. Tell their role in your restaurant, inform on the duties and liabilities, and highlight the qualification. The Restaurant Cook job description today has met those components. However, customize it to get the most fulfill necessary of your restaurant. Good luck!


  • What is a Restaurant Cook?

A Restaurant Cook is an employee that working in the kitchen with some responsibilities. Preparing ingredient, ensure the availability of ingredients, until serving the best dishes to the customers are the duties.

  • What information do you should show when posting a Job o Restaurant Cook?

To post a job of Restaurant cook, you must give detailed information on the role of a cook. Then, explain the duties and liabilities in your restaurant. Afterward, highlight the requirements or qualifications of a Restaurant Cook.

  • Could you edit the Template?

All information above helps you to make a job description and post in any media. There is good news where this template allows customizing the job desk. Feel free to do if the template less appropriate with your restaurant necessary. It frees.



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