Short Story Outline Template for Various Genres of Stories

Making a short story can become one of the common assignments given by teachers. However, it is not easy to make. It takes time, and sometimes it is not easy to visualize and arrange the idea in mind into good words. That is why there is a short story outline template. The template can provide an easier way to make a better short story, and it is very helpful to arrange the ideas in mind.


Parts of Short Story Outline

There can be many kinds of stories. Various genres are available, but these commonly still have similarities. That is why an outline can be utilized to develop most of the ideas of the short story. In this case, at least the outline will have some important parts, such as:

  1. Character

There should be a clear character. Even if there are only a few characters, it should have specific traits. The details should be explained. Of course, good characters always have sophisticated personality traits, emotions, and other descriptions.

  1. Setting

The setting should be made clear. It is not only about the place or time. It is more about the specific moment or context of the environment. This part can bring important aspects in the development of the story since it helps readers to imagine and get the context of the story.

  1. Plot

After the details are ready, it is time to create a plot. The plot is not only about the introduction, conflict, and conclusion. The flow of the story should be clear. In case there is a specific track of time, it should be made easy to understand, even when it involves a flashback.


Printable Short Story Outline Template

The short story outline template can be available in various formats. Some people love the digital format. It allows them to directly prepare the outline and fill the details from the PC. This may be easy since they can easily edit and save the file.


However, some people love to make some writing. Making some notes on the paper feels better in the process of creating the storyboard. In this case, having a printable outline template can be suitable. The file is designed, so it is easy to download. There is also enough space to write down the details and make the raw design of the story.


Short Story Outline Template with Guideline

Indeed, making a short story is not easy. It can be more difficult for those who have no information and experience about it. That is why commonly teachers will provide their students with a short story outline template. The template has guidelines in the file.


This is very necessary to introduce the short story and its outline. By having a guideline, each part can have a specific explanation. It can help students to know what they should do in each part of the outline. By doing so, it will not be too difficult to make a good start.


Blank Short Story Outline Template 

The template of a short story outline with guidelines can be necessary for those who are still beginning to learn about it. It will be different for those who already know and have some experience. They already know the function and what they should write down in each part.


In this case, what they need to do is a blank outline. The outline only has information on each outline part and its title. There is no explanation and other details. The short story outline template can also be useful for those who are professional short story authors.

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