Sterile Processing Technician Job Description Information

A sterile processing technician is a person whose tasks are to sterilize, prepare, assemble, and clean all the tools and equipment in a lab. The sterile processing technician job description also includes preparing sterile supplies for medical procedures, surgeries, or exams. A sterile processing technician is also responsible to make sure all instruments are clean and safe. The sterile processing technician job description template must be useful to remind her of her duties.

Sterile Processing Technician Job Description Information

We are looking for a person who wants to work as a sterile processing technician in our hospital and finishes the sterile processing technician job description tasks. The candidate must have a paying-attention-in-detail characteristic. Plus, he or she must have great knowledge and understanding of sterilization techniques and equipment maintenance.

Sterile Processing Technician Job Responsibilities

As a sterile processing technician, you must do several different responsibilities that relate to your sterile processing technician job description. They are:

  • Collect, sort, and decontaminate used equipment, supplies, or instruments
  • Prepare for decontaminated supplies to sterilize
  • Clean contaminated supplies, remove waste and maintain decontamination
  • Monitor and operate sterilization for all equipment
  • Prepare, wrap and sterilize equipment or instrument for medical procedures purposes
  • Examine supplies carefully in detail to ensure they well-cleaned and sanitized
  • Prepare and deliver necessary equipment for medical procedures, surgeries, medical carts, or examinations.
  • Report any problems with the sterilization equipment
  • Control the inventory, reorder stocks and supplies
  • Checking expiration dates
  • Maintain sterilized items, equipment, and supplies with standard sterilization procedures

Sterile Processing Technician Job Qualifications and Requirements

If you would like to be a sterile processing technician, you must meet the sterile processing technician job description standards, qualifications and requirements below!

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Have a Sterile Processing and Distribution license or certification
  • Great understanding and knowledge of up-to-date immunization
  • Pay attention to detail, meticulous care, and vigilance
  • Excellent passion for patient’s health care
  • Great dexterity
  • Enable to handle and manage fragile instruments and equipment
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Familiar with sterilization techniques
  • Ability to work both independently or with a team


Sterile Processing Technician FAQ

What is a Sterile Processing Technician?

A sterile processing technician works to prepare, sort, clean, and sterilize all the instruments and equipment for medical needs. Plus, it is a must for him or her to maintain equipment well. Also, for your information, a sterile processing technician must be able to handle fragile equipment.

What Should You Include in a Sterile Processing Technician Job Description?

If you want to look for a sterile processing technician to work at your laboratory, you must write down all the important qualifications and requirements. Therefore, the applicants may have an idea of what their responsibilities are. Do not forget to mention the necessary skills if needed.

Do You Need to Interview Applicants for Sterile Processing Technicians?

A sterile processing technician takes an important role since he is the one that may prepare and sterilize medical instruments. Of course, if the doctor or medical professional uses the contaminated instrument, it may affect the patients’ health and care. Therefore, it is a must to interview the applicants to know how far they understand sterilization techniques and whether or not they pay attention in detail.

That’s all about sterile processing technician details; hopefully, it may help you who want to create a job vacancy post about it.

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