Substitute Teacher Job Description change and get a chance


When does the school need a teacher substitute? The substitute teacher job description will be useful when the main teacher cannot fulfill the teaching obligation. Plenty of reasons they must leave the class when the teaching process takes place. By the way, the substitute teaching job description applies to the class and subject teachers.

Substitute Teacher Job Description outlines the Duties and Responsibilities

Many reasons why a school and the fields that relevant need a teacher substitute. Some of them are duty out of town, maternity leave, getting sick for a long time. Occasionally, the school applies for a teacher substitute while waiting for the new official teacher. The teacher must look flexible on availability like the main teacher (class and subject teachers).

It turns out the responsibility of this second teacher is not different. The teacher works during the teacher’s absence for a day or longer time. During running the job, the substitute teacher involves in the classroom management processes and performs the instructional. It is such as attending, giving homework, also maintain the cleanliness of the classroom. For more information, look at the substitute teacher job description for the responsibilities:

  1. Willing to adhere to the lesson plans and curriculum that the regular teacher assigns.
  2. Obey all procedures to achieve lesson goals on the students.
  3. Assign also explain the homework.
  4. Oversee students outside of the learning process like in hallways and cafeteria.
  5. Follow all school policies and regulations at all times.
  6. Show attendance and also make daily notes.
  7. Ensure the classroom is always clean and set orderly
  8. Oversee the rhythms and activities of the classroom.
  9. Compile a report for giving to the regular teacher when returning.

6 Requirements to change the Regular Teacher based on the Substitute Teacher Job Description

Each teacher may have different qualifications to apply based on the school level and each policy. In general, the regular teacher must graduate from a teaching education program from a university. However, the substitute teacher job description only needs a high school diploma to undertake those regular teaching assignments. Exactly, 6 requirements exist in the job description and the school party should make it. The requirements for the substitute teacher are:

  • A high school diploma may register and the equivalent level diploma also may apply for this job. It turns out the bigger chance comes for people graduating from the teacher bachelor’s degree.
  • It has a substitute teaching certificate or official teaching certificate.
  • The teacher had ever taught in a similar role for at least 2 years.
  • He or she must have detail-oriented. Besides that, it can follow written and verbal instructions.
  • The teacher must have exceptional communication skill also interpersonal.

According to the outline of the requirement, do not feel secure with the high school diploma. Many people with bachelor’s degree graduation try to apply for this job. Usually, they do it because they are still difficult to get a regular teaching job. Besides that, they use it as the space to improve their ability and talent before being the real teacher. Okay, thank you for reading the substitute teacher job description. Utilize this chance to get the real substitute teacher that full of responsibility. Good luck!


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