Supervisor Job Description: It differs from A Manager 

The supervisor job description adds your comprehension within hiring a new employee (supervisor). The factory or the business resulting in service or production always includes this worker. Have you ever organized it before? Upgrade your supervisor job description for resume from this page.

Supervisor Job Description and 6 Responsibilities that sounds small

The supervisor is in charge to oversee the employees that become its members. The overseeing action is in the form of giving instructions and makes sure to prospect new and senior customers. Although the duties are complex it keeps different from the manager. The supervisor does not have the authority to recruit or fire employees.

Thus, the supervisor job description clarifies the difference between the manager. Here are 6 responsibilities to complete by the supervisor such as below:

  1. Make sure your employees report with performance expectations.
  2. Instructs or order its subordinate employees
  3. Ensure the work environment for the employees is secure, healthy, and comfy.
  4. Meeting deadlines.
  5. Approving work hours.
  6. The supervisor must ensure all customer levels get great services.

10 Requirements on Supervisor Job Description to make Job Advertisement

Different from the responsibilities, the requirement to hire a supervisor is plenty enough. It reaches 10 points if a company wants to display a job vacancy. Even, the requirement is still the potential to add some points. Well, here are 10 requirements on the supervisor job description:

  • Demonstrate previous leadership experience.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Detail and accuracy.
  • High school diploma.
  • Computer Literacy.
  • Proactive organizational skills.
  • Professional appearance as well as attitude.
  • Work independently and with a team.
  • Strong work ethic and high integrity.
  • Maintain a positive attitude although in a fast-paced environment.

The position of the supervisor has a lot of interest because the requirement is not heavy. People in high school graduation may be the supervisor. The supervisor’s job description truly straightens the misunderstanding between the manager and supervisor. It turns out both have a different position, responsibility, and requirement. On the other, the manager controls and gets all information about the employee from a supervisor. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is the definition of the Supervisor?

The supervisor is the worker that sits above the basic employee or operator. It works to organize all employees in its team to generate a profit on time. The supervisor must receive employees’ report and instructs them to work according to the deadline.

  • How does it (Supervisor) perform?

It performs from giving the subordinate employees assignment to complete immediately. Then, it receives their report when they have finished it promptly. Ensure the condition of the work environment, meeting deadlines, work hours, and giving the best customer service.

  • Is it the same as the Manager?

The manager has one step higher from the supervisor so both are not similar. The supervisor just focuses on the team and does not have the authority to recruit and fire. On the contrary, this responsibility is the authority of the manager.

  • How do you present the best Job Description for Supervisor?

First, find the latest trend of the template that free-editing and has numerous features. Customize your job description like the template here. At least, you can mix yours and this job desk. Arrange it for giving to the new employee or the candidate and for displaying a job vacancy.


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