Teacher Assistant Job Description: Knowing Essential Matters


Are you interested in having a position of teacher assistant? If it is so, you have to know more information in the teacher assistant job description. You may need to know list of teacher assistant duties and requirements. Well, they will be shared in detail in the following information.

Important Responsibilities in the Teacher Assistant Job Description

There are some responsibilities that you have to do if you want to be a teacher assistant. Here they are.

  1. Monitor the schedule

The first thing that you must do is monitoring the schedule of the class. You can do it with the main teacher.

  1. Help the teacher

In this teacher assistant job description, a teacher assistant candidate should help the main teacher in preparing the lesson. It can be done by getting the materials that will be taught and also setting up the equipment needed.

  1. Revise the material

It means that you can revise the lesson material with the students. To do it, you can revise individually or in a small group.

  1. Convince the classroom

In this case, you have to make sure that the condition or environment of the classroom is clean and safe. So, the teaching and learning process will be comfy and pleasant.

  1. Document student progress

What should you do with this duty? Yea, you are suggested to make such a document that is about the students’ progress. Then, you can communicate it with their parents so they will know everything about their children’s improvement.

List of Requirements for Teacher Assistant Job Description

To get a teacher assistant position, you must fulfill these requirements below. Let’s check them in detail!

  1. Have a high school diploma

First, for the qualification, you must get a high school diploma. You can also get that position with the equivalent qualification. Besides, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in the education field. However, it will be preferred if you have the relevant field for the qualification.

  1. Have experience

Here, a candidate for teacher assistant should have a minimum of two years’ experience. It is of course as a teacher assistant or a similar one.

  1. Show teaching best practices

Actually, a teacher assistant must show his or her best practices in teaching. It is also included understanding the classroom activities.

  1. Have a positive attitude

Then, a teacher assistant must also have a positive attitude and show the sympathetic to the students. It is because the behavior of the teacher assistant will be imitated by the students.

  1. Have excellent skills

In this teacher assistant job description, it requires a candidate of teacher assistant to have excellent communication skills. It covers written and verbal communication. In addition, it is also included the presentation abilities to communicate the learning material.

The job description of the teacher assistant will be useful for everyone who wants to get this position. He or she must be able to do the main responsibilities and fulfill the mentioned requirements. They must assist the main teacher to prepare everything in the teaching and learning process. Then, they must be excellent in teaching practice, have excellent communication skills, and show a good attitude to the students.

Well, that is about the important matters that you should know in the teacher assistant job description. Learn it well!


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