Technical Support Job Description 2020 for Posting a Job

A technical support job description outlines its responsibilities for maintaining, repair, and managing IT systems. This template guides to arrange the duties and requirements into a good document. Of course, it will support the company in hiring the technician by demonstrating its liabilities and requirements. Besides that, the technical support job description for resume also emphasizes the roles of the worker.

15 Duties from the development of the main Responsibilities in the Technical Support Job Description

Well, technical support is a professional that works for repair, managing, and maintaining IT systems. The primary responsibilities are plenty enough starting from diagnosing and repairing faults. Go on resolving network issues, configuring and installing hardware and software. Meanwhile, the Technical Support job description breaks them into 15 duties. Here, what to do:

  1. Identify issues and solutions on hardware and software.
  2. Troubleshoot technical issues.
  3. Diagnose and repair faults.
  4. Resolve network issues.
  5. Install as well as configuring software and hardware.
  6. Speak to customers immediately to know the root of the IT system problem.
  7. Provide customer feedback timely and accurate.
  8. Talk to customers o resolve a problem through a series of actions.
  9. Ensure the problem has resolved by following up with clients.
  10. Replace as well as provide repair the necessary parts.
  11. Support new applications launching.
  12. Creating procedural documentation as a form of providing support.
  13. Manage multiple issues at one time.
  14. Test new technologies and evaluate them.
  15. Undertake electrical safety checks on equipment.

8 Qualifications on Technical Support Job Description 2020

The Technical Support can work in an IT system company as long as it meets the requirements. According to the Technical Support job description, the candidate must fulfill 8 qualifications. It consists of:

  • Technical support must graduate from Information Technology or Computer Science degree.
  • It has advantageous certification of Cisco, Microsoft, or Linux. Demonstrate prior experience in desktop support, tech support, or a similar role.
  • Proficient to operate Mac OS/Windows/Linux.
  • It has the experience to help desk software and remote desktop applications.
  • Attention to detail and fantastic problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Good written and verbal communication.

5 Interview Question for a Technician Support Candidate

Okay, what do you should undertake within facing the applicants in the interview time? Do not worry because you can give the following questions:

  1. What do you know about the latest Computer Processor, mention it!
  2. How do you troubleshoot your issues or process?
  3. According to your opinion, what is the most essential quality for a Technical Support Officer?
  4. Tell me, how do you following IT technology development?
  5. Describe briefly how do you rectify a mistake in your duties that you made?

Well, that is detailed information on the Technical Support job description as the recent development. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is Technical Support?

Technical support is a professional worker specializes in managing IT systems while maintaining and repair.

  • How do you describe the Main Responsibilities?

This worker handles the responsibilities through diagnosing faults before repairing it. It installs and configures hardware and software systems. Besides that, resolving network issues becomes their responsibility.

  • How do customize the Job Description of Technical Support?
    Choose the best template designs with plenty of features like free-customizing as one of them. You need to customize indeed pretty you have a natural template suitable for your necessary.



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