Truck Driver Job Description: Learning to Be a Truck Driver

What do you want to know about the truck driver job description? Yes, you certainly need some information about the responsibilities and requirements, right? In this matter, you can see the explanation of the truck driver job description for the resume below.


5 Most Important Responsibilities of Truck Driver Job Description

Like other jobs, a truck driver also has some responsibilities to do well. Here they are.

  1. Deliver goods to the customers

First, truck drivers should always be ready to deliver goods to their customers. They should do it even though they have to drive long distances.

  1. Load and unload cargo

The second responsibility of the truck driver job description is loading and unloading cargo. They should load cargo before delivering it. When they have arrived at the customers’ place, they should unload it.

  1. Record cargo delivery

To make sure that they deliver all goods completely, the truck drivers have to record every cargo delivery.

  1. Refuel and clean the vehicle

Fourth, they should refuel the vehicle when the gasoline almost runs out. It can assure that the vehicle will drive the drivers to the location they go to. Then, the truck driver should always clean the vehicle to make it interesting to see.

  1. Follow traffic laws

On the way of delivering goods to the customer, the truck drivers should always follow the traffic laws. They should do it to avoid getting traffic laws issues.


The Requirements of Truck Driver Job Description

If you want to be a truck driver, you should have the following requirements. Let’s check them out.

  1. Commercial driver license

First, you should have a commercial driver’s license. It can also be a class A CDL.

  1. Current TWIC Card

TWIC card is also necessary to have if you want to apply for this job. So, make sure you own the current TWIC card before applying.

  1. Passing drug and alcohol test

A drug and alcohol use is not recommended for a truck driver. So, if you want to get this position, make sure you do not consume any drug or alcohol and pass the test.

  1. Having a clean driving record

To have a clean driving record can be the favorite candidate to get this position.



  1. Providing the current MVR

The next requirement of truck driver job description you should do is to provide your current MVR. If you cannot do it, you maybe fail to get this job.

  1. Providing a medical certificate

A healthy driver is recommended to deliver goods to the customers. So, if you want to apply for a truck driver position, you should provide your medical certificate.

  1. High school diploma

Last, a requirement you should have is a high school diploma. Without this requirement, you will never get this job.



What is a truck driver?

A truck driver is someone whose job is to transport or deliver goods to the right place.


What are the responsibilities of a truck driver?

A truck driver should deliver goods, load and unload cargo, record the cargo delivery, and maintain the vehicle well.


What should the companies include in their truck driver job advertisement?

When certain companies advertise a truck driver’s job, they should provide clear details. It is important to make the applicants understand both the expectations and duties of their business.


Well, that is all you can learn about the truck driver job description. Hopefully, it can increase your understanding of this job description.




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