Veterinary Technician Job Description and Its Requirements


A veterinary technician works for a zoo, hospital, veterinary practice, or research laboratory. He/she draws blood, helps with medical procedures, and administers medications. Of course, there are still many other things to do. Now, let’s discuss the veterinary technician job description further.

Veterinary Technician Job Description Template

A veterinary technician can also be called a licensed veterinary technician (LVT). We are hiring a veterinary technician now. It aims to provide positive client experiences and compassionate patient care. In this role, she provides critical care nursing, triages patients, coordinates their care, etc.

This veterinary technician job description template also discusses the requirements to be met to fulfill this job. In this case, you must be compassionate & meticulous to provide patients with the best care. If you are detail-oriented, emphatic, & motivated, you are an ideal candidate and we want to meet you.

Veterinary Technician Job Responsibilities

A veterinary technician will be responsible for many tasks and duties. If you are interested in this job position, you must be familiar with these veterinary technician job responsibilities. The detailed responsibilities can be seen in the following list:

  • Triages patients and takes their vitals
  • Acquires patient history & other info from clients
  • Helps with diagnostic procedures
  • Discusses the treatment estimates & plans and payment plans with clients
  • Acquires saphenous, cephalic, & jugular blood samples
  • Inserts IV catheters and monitors ventilators, anesthesia, & fluid therapy
  • Operates autoclaves &proline sterilizers
  • Processes specimens in in-house laboratory and submits them to outside laboratories
  • Calculates medication dosages and provides dosage instruction for patients or clients
  • Enters the service charges of patients into the computer database and keeps accurate patient records
  • Explains patient instructions to clients and shares educational materials

Veterinary Technician Job Requirements

It is not easy to be a veterinary technician. It requires some qualifications related to the experience, educational degree, skill, and many more. For the detailed veterinary technician job requirements, you can see them in the list provided below:

  • Associate’s degree in veterinary tech from an accredited school
  • Work experience for at least 2 years as a veterinary technician
  • Proficient skills in a computer
  • Excellent skills in written & verbal communication
  • Great affinity for animals
  • Great people skills
  • Ability to multitask in a dynamic environment
  • Team player
  • Undeterred by being bitten and scratched by patients

Veterinary Technician Job Description FAQs

What does a veterinary technician do?

Working for a zoo, hospital, veterinary practice, or research laboratory, a veterinary technician draws blood, helps with medical procedures, and administers medications.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Yes, you can. You are allowed to edit this licensed veterinary technician job description template easily to fit your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a veterinary technician?

Besides providing the veterinary technician job description, we also provide a collection of question samples for interviewing the veterinary technician candidates. You can find them on another page.


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