Visual Merchandiser Job Description for Perfect Retail Outlets

Visual merchandiser job description assists and eases the store to hire it through the best screening system. The job description is the key to arrange the roles, responsibilities, requirements, and others. Without the visual merchandiser job description and activities sample, these duties may need a lot of time. Meanwhile, this template cuts a lot of time and energy effectively.

Visual Merchandiser Job Description and 11 Regular Duties

A Visual Merchandiser works for retail outlets by creating and designing attractive visual displays. It is innovative and creative thinkers that use their skills to visualize the design. Then, the Visual Merchandiser also utilizes space to enhance the aesthetic appeal of some sides. It includes in-store displays, counters, window displays, and walkways.

It looks rough and needs a little bit of time to perceive it. Therefore, the Visual Merchandiser job description outlines it into 11 regular duties:

  1. Create a visual merchandising strategy and implement it for the store.
  2. Ensure the strategy that the visual merchandiser creates in line with the products, store’s brand, and target market.
  3. Create visual displays sketches that are suitable for the store’s visual design requirements.
  4. Finalize designs and then creating floor plans in detail for display areas.
  5. Utilize creative materials, accessories, and props for displays.
  6. Install and set up walkways, window display, in-store displays, counters, or supervising contractors.
  7. Change displays to reflect seasonal themes or festive or to promote new product launches.
  8. Ensure displays uniformity across multiple store locations.
  9. Liaising with retail merchandisers, marketing executives, retail professionals, buyers, and others when necessary.
  10. Monitor costs according to budgets.
  11. Research trends of design and lifestyle to inform the visual merchandising strategy.

Visual Merchandiser Job Description and 9 Qualifications for applying to 2020

Well, there are 9 qualifications to meet by the visual merchandiser applicants. According to the visual merchandiser job description, they should fill their application form with:

  • It graduates from a bachelor’s degree in retail management, graphic design, spatial design, interior design, visual communications, or equivalents.
  • Demonstrate working experience as a visual manager or visual merchandiser.
  • Design a comprehensive visual design portfolio or relevant work.
  • Proficient to use Adobe Creative Suite programs according to the experience. It is such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, or other visual design tools.
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite.
  • Excellent knowledge of the best practices and the current trends of visual merchandising.
  • Ability to analyze survey results and sales merchandising reports.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Flexible working hours including weekends as well as evenings.

Well, that is detailed information on the visual merchandiser job description. Feel free to take and utilize it and always show appealing visual displays.


What is Visual Merchandiser?

A Visual Merchandiser works for retail outlines by in charge to design and create exceptional visual displays. During working, the visual merchandiser must improve their creative, innovative thinkers, and skills. It will ease to visual design and utilize space to enhance the aesthetic counters, window displays, walkways, and in-store displays.

Could this Template edit for meeting a company need?

Yes, of course. Everyone frees to edit the template to get a flawless job description according to the company’s desire, regulation, and policy.

How do you Post a Job List?

During design, the job list, start from demonstrating the role of the visual merchandiser. Then, continue to describe the duties and liabilities in readable language. Afterward, highlight the qualifications that they will gather immediately. Lastly, post the job!


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