Wedding Planner Job Description for Assisting Bridals

A wedding planner job description is an effective tool to filter professional people and become one of the members. The company must have it according to the necessary, regulation, and policy. If you have made it you need to check it to make sure the effectiveness. Ensure your template is the same as the wedding even planner job description on this page.

Wedding Planner Job Description and 8 Responsibilities 2020

A wedding planner works as the wedding consultant that assists the bridal to plan entirely weddings. Handle specific wedding activities, ensure the wedding-day activity takes place smoothly, and negotiate vendor contracts. Then, the wedding planner will discuss along with clients about wedding logistics.

To responsible for those duties, the wedding planner job description summarizes it in 8 liabilities. See it below and compare it to your job desk template. Who knows you get new ideas to improve yours? Let’s see it:

  1. Providing initial consultation to discuss the wedding type that the clients want to. Inform on the wedding package available. Then, help to synchronize their wedding desire and the budget.
  2. Continue for a more detailed discussion with clients about the venue, decoration, catering, and entertainment.
  3. Make a schedule for the clients to meet vendors and tour wedding venues. The schedule includes visiting florists, caterers, bakers, photographers, and invitation designers.
  4. Ease to negotiate contracts with vendors that the clients choose until making payment as necessary.
  5. Ensure the wedding program, rehearsal dinner & wedding invitations, also the place cards print on time.
  6. Organize the wedding supplies and equipment that is necessary during the wedding event. The wedding planner must transport them to the wedding venue promptly.
  7. Ensure the wedding gifts and personal property of the clients pack safely and store in the storage room or vehicle.
  8. Always ensure everything runs properly by monitoring all wedding-day activities.

9 Wedding Consultant Requirements on Wedding Planner Job Description

It turns out a wedding planner must have a high education level like a bachelor’s degree. It becomes one of the requirements that cannot bargain. For more information, the wedding planner job description informs on 9 requirements such as below:

  • It only accepts the graduation of Hospitality Management bachelor’s degree or the advantageous relevant fields.
  • The company prioritizes the candidate that has a certification from the American Association of Certified.
  • The company prefers the candidate with Wedding Planners (AACWP).
  • It has event planning or wedding experience.
  • Proficient in operating all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Good knowledge of various religions as well as religious practices.
  • Strong negotiating and networking skills.
  • Excellent skills in organizational, problem-solving, and time management.
  • Terrific skills of customer service and communication.
  • Creative, detail-oriented, and methodical.

Compare this wedding planner job description with your template and rate which one better. Feel free to add or change your job description for the wedding planner by adopting some points above. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is the Wedding Planner Profession?

A wedding planner has another name as a wedding consultant. The responsibilities are advising the clients to get the right wedding type based on the desire and budget.

  • What is the Educational Requirement for the Wedding Planner?

A Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management is the main education level that each company hopes. However, the equivalent or relevant fields that still give advantages will accept. Know more about wedding planner requirements in the job description.

  • Does your Job Description of Wedding Planner match with this Template?

If you feel inappropriate and want to improve it feel free to take some points. Use them to add or change your template so that you do not need to work from initial.


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