Architect Firm Letterhead Example PSD Design

Using Architect Firm Letterhead as Representative of Your Firm Identity

A letterhead is a pre-designed structure as a firm logo, firm name, official firm decree, address, website name, and phone number. It is a communication tool to introduce the firm to the recipients. A letter without header is considered informal, especially for the big firm like an architect firm. For those who are engaged in the field of the architect, especially dealing with correspondence, the architect firm letterhead must be listed at the top of the letter, or on the letterhead panel. The following can be important information for you.

Architect Firm Letterhead PSD

Making a letterhead with Photoshop documents gives an attractive impression for your letterhead and letters. PSD is produced from Adobe Photoshop software as one of its features. It can save documents with image format in the form of layers, such as the color channels, alpha channels, clipping paths, duotone settings, masks, blend modes, and text. With PSD, the letterhead can be made with attractive fonts, colors, frames, and templates that can be edited at any time.

Architect Firm Letterhead PSD Purposes

Based on its function, a letterhead is a form of official letter identity from any firm or institution. Therefore, there are several purposes in making architectural firm letterhead PSD.

  1. As a facility of the firm identity delivery

The main thing that must be known by people about a firm is its legality. It is seen from the papers that we sometimes call “black on white”. This has to do with correspondence. The letter must be the official type. The official letter requires a letterhead in it.

  1. As a facility for the attractive sight

PSD also provides an attractive sight of the letterhead, so later when it is complete with the letter, it will increase the readers’ mood. Someone will judge the first time from the design shown.

Architect Firm Letterhead PSD Features

The features at architect firm letterhead PSD are the selection of templates that provide a simple, elegant, and modern design. The selection of designs has certainly been equipped professionally with other features and a wide selection of fonts, typography, colors, frames, and borders.

Architect Firm Letterhead PSD Making

You need to know how to make a letterhead PSD. Here are the steps.

  • Prepare the PSD format to later be used as the main facility for the selection of the letterhead.
  • Select the letterhead template which has been provided.
  • Prepare all information about the company, starting from the name, the legality decree, the address and website, the telephone number, and the company logo.
  • Insert or type the points into the selected template.
  • Add the frames or border to beautify your letterhead.
  • Edit the fonts, colors, and layout according to your wishes. The layout has also been determined as attractive as possible on the template.
  • Save the letterhead into the PDS format. It can be editable and personalized at any time.  

Some choose a simple design. They consider it as a formal one. By giving lots of extras in the form of lines, frames, or borders, the letterhead is considered less official. However, the readers need things to look interesting, and architect firm letterhead PSD prepares a variety of designs without losing the official impression.

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