10+ ATS Resume Template

Editable ATS Resume Template and How to Write It

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are the first hurdle needed by your resume to overcome when you apply for a job at a big company. This document becomes the first critic that will be faced by your resume. In this article, we will focus on discussing an ATS resume template.

How to Write an ATS Resume Template

It is very important to know what to write in an ATS resume template PSD. Different ATS resumes may include different details of the information. However, there is a standard format you can follow. It is like the common resumes but make sure that it comes with the required information.

An ATS resume should contain your professional experiences. You can start creating a list of professional experiences you have. Besides that, it should also contain your own qualifications. One more, your education should be included, too. Make sure that all these details are found in your ATS resume.

Tips for Creating an ATS Resume Template

To make a PSD ATS resume template not boring, you can use a few formatting tools. First, you are allowed to use bold. For your information, the bold text will be perfectly fine. It is recommended for your name, job titles, in-section headers, and other areas you would like to emphasize.

Besides that, it is also fine to use capitalization. Capitalization is also useful to add emphasis & draw attention. Here, it is not a problem for the ATS to translate it to your applicant profile. Then, using bulleted lists is also fine since you do not use arrows and other special characters causing a problem.

In relation to fonts, you can select a standard font like Verdana or Arial. The font size should be from 10 to 12. One more, it is okay if you want to use colored text. Now, it is your turn to create your own ATS resume PSD template.

Types of ATS Resume Templates

An ATS resume is divided into 3 types. The first is a chronological ATS resume. This is the most common format used. It means that you present your work history with the most current job at the top. Many companies prefer this format because it lets them identify employment gaps and career growth quickly.

The second type is a functional ATS resume. It lets you emphasize your achievements, accomplishments, and skills to the mind of your interviewer. Many job seekers prefer an ATS resume PSD sample template written in this format.

Another type is a combination ATS resume. This one takes the best elements from both previous resumes. Here, you share your work history, education, objectives, achievements, and skills. It complements the accomplishments & progressive work history.

How to Use an ATS Resume Template

If you want to create a resume easily, just feel free to choose your desired ATS resume template. You must choose it based on your desired format and type. After that, you can directly edit it to fit your needs. Before printing or sending, you have to review it again to ensure that there is no mistake/error.

ATS Resume Template Design Ideas

ATS Resume Template Ideas

ATS Resume Template Example

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