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The Bakery Letterhead Templates for Your Business

As we know, owning a bakery requires a lot of things, including a bakery letterhead. The letterhead is going to be placed on a letter issued by the bakery on transactions, deals, invoices, and many more. The designs suitable for the letterhead are displayed down below. You can pick any of them and then use them for free for your own business. Here they are.


The Proper Images to Put on a Bakery Letterhead

There should be images to find on the bakery letterhead. If you are too confused about deciding what images to be displayed on your letterhead, you can read the explanation first. After that, you will no longer wonder about picking images for that letterhead used on the bakery’s letters and other paperwork.

  1. The Cakes and Desserts

Of course, a bakery is a place where you can get cakes, bread, and desserts. You can use those images as the letterhead icon. Most of the time, bakery owners use tiered cake for the icon to indicate that they can bake fancy cakes for many occasions, including for weddings and birthday. It is like the most mandatory staple that a bakery should have.

  1. The Cooking Utensils/Tools

Instead of cakes and everything, you can also use the image of cooking utensils for the letterhead. Balloon whiskers, mixer,s, or rolling pin are all associated with bakery and they can be used as the letterhead’s design. They will produce great looking letterheads, though and people can certainly tell that the letter is the one from the bakery.


The Bakery Letterhead with Balloon Whisker Background

Baking is always associated with balloon whiskers. This is the most common tool in making as it is used to whisk eggs and other ingredients before you can make cakes and desserts. Using the image of balloon whiskers is common in the bakery letterhead. The example is available, and you can use it for free for your bakery. Just download them right now.


The Whimsical Bakery Letterhead Template

When you want the design to look more cartoony, you can adapt to this style. The style is whimsical with a green frame on the top and bottom of the letter. It has an image of a tiered cake on the bottom right. It looks great and people can notice right away that the letter is coming from a bakery. It will capture the attention of children and younger people, too.


The Pink-Themed Bakery Letterhead PSD Template

Also, pink is so associated with something sweet. This is why using the shade as a color scheme of the letterhead for the bakery is understandable. Just download this PSD design now, and you can use it for your business anytime you want.  

Well, there should be a lot of paperwork coming out of a bakery, especially when the bakery takes a lot of orders and deals. That’s why the letter must be completed by the bakery’s special letterhead to indicate the letter is legitimately coming from there. Use those bakery letterhead templates completely for free.

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