10+ Business Complaint Template

Business Complaint Template and How to Make It

A business complaint template is written by a customer who is not satisfied with the customer services provided. When your suppliers are dishonest about what they deliver, you can express your grievances using a customer complaint letter. You can create it yourself if you pay attention to this explanation.

Business Complaint Template Samples

This article contains a collection of PSD business complaint sample templates. One of the examples is a business complaint letter. Usually, it is sent to a supplier. It can relate to the poor service, disappointing prices, the quality of goods they deliver, or anything else.

Besides that, a complaint letter may also be sent to an apartment manager. If you want to complaint about the facilities or services provided by the apartment where you stay, you can complaint to the manager using this kind of letter. You can find the template in this article.

How to Write a Business Complaint

It is very important to know about the proper business complaint template PSD format. To write a complaint letter, you should start with the sender of the letter. It includes the sender’s name and his/her address. After that, you can continue with the recipient’s name and his/her address.

Before you go into the complaint you want to deliver, you need to make a greeting first. Next, you can directly write the complaint. You have to explain why you are not satisfied with their services. Do not forget to give suggestion so that they can give the better services in the future.

Tips for Creating a Business Complaint

Writing a PSD business complaint template is not easy. You may need to think about the following tips. First, the sender and the recipient of the complaint letter must be clear. So, you should state the senders and recipient’s names & addresses rightly.

Besides that, you have to deliver your complaint clearly. Therefore, you will have to use simple language and sentences. Then, you also have to deliver your message in a polite manner. One more, you must keep it simple yet understandable. In the end, you should add signature.

Editable Business Complaint Template

With a PSD editable business complaint template, you will be able to create your own business complaint letter easily. In fact, creating this kind of letter can be a bit frustrating as it takes a lot of time and effort. There are a few reasons why you should use our templates.

First, our templates are free to download. Everyone is allowed to download any template available in this article. Besides that, all of the templates are easy to edit. You can edit using Adobe Photoshop to fit your needs. In addition, our templates come with proper formats and we have more than 10+ samples.

Now, just feel free to pick your desired business complaint template. After that, you can directly edit the text based on your needs. Before printing, you still need to proofread it once again to make sure that there is no error and mistake.

Business Complaint Design Ideas

Business Complaint Ideas

Business Complaint Example

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