Car Wash Letterhead PSD Flyer Template

Car Wash Letterhead Designs for Various Companies

Car wash becomes one of the nice services needed by many people. Regularly, people will wash their vehicles; the services surely become the best solution instead of wasting time. However, it is still important for the owner to make good promotion. Then, they also need to have good Car Wash Letterhead as part of the document in case they need to make some letters and other correspondence.


Use of Car Wash Letterhead

There are surely many useful functions of the letterhead. It is not only to make the documents look good. It is also to show the identity of the car wash. Related to its function, it can be placed in some documents, such as:

  1. Letter

Letterhead surely can be found in the letter. When the car wash owner needs to send a letter or document to some institutions, it will contain the letterhead. It is to show good intentions, and it will provide details of the sender.

  1. Legal document

When the car wash wants to maintain the partnership, it should need a legal document. In this case, the Car Wash Letterhead is needed on the file. This is to show that it has formal and legal content, so it cannot be taken lightly.

  1. Invoice and receipt

In providing services to customers, there are invoices and receipts. The files can have the letterhead to show professionalism, and it is also necessary as proof that the documents come from the car wash service.


Car Wash Services Letterhead

The Car Wash Letterhead can have various designs. In this case, there is a nice design of the letterhead with a simple look. On the header, it only shows the logo of the car that represents the business. Then, the whole header is colored in blue and its gradation.

Then, the footer is designed with some details. On the right corner, it has the company’s name and its logo again. Then, the right corner has the address and contact information. Regarding the graphic, it uses the same color combination.


Car Wash and Repair Letterhead

Some car wash businesses also combine their services with the repair. Since it consists of two kinds of services, commonly the letterhead is made to represent these points. One of the simplest ways is to show it on the business name.

Regarding the letterhead for the car wash and repair, there is a nice design to show. It shows a simple design since it does not utilize any graphic on the footer and header. Footer only shows the name and its logo, and it is placed on the right corner.

Then, the footer is divided into three parts. The first part is on the left corner and it is to show the business’s name. Then, the middle part is to show the address, while the right part is to show the contact information. Its logo shows the services of repair and car wash, and it is emphasized on the name also.


Car Wash Letterhead PSD Designs

There are surely many interesting designs. Some designs show good graphics. It does not only use the space on the footer and header, but it also uses the space on the sides of the document. The PSD letterhead design gives a good frame on the documents.  

Then, other designs use the logo for other purposes. The logo is to decorate the footer and header. Then, it is also found in big size, and it works as the background of the document. However, it is made faded or shadowy, so the Car Wash Letterhead does not block the content of the document.  

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