Case Manager Job Description for various Clients and Healthcare

A Case Manager job description appears to assist with healthcare and social services. This staff employs for assisting patients to access service or manages their health. The clients or patients are various from a chronically ill until physical rehabilitation. It is your duty to complete the Case Manager job description in healthcare facilities.

Case Manager Job Description and 10 Duties in 2020

Elderly and children still include the client of the Case Manager. Hospital is one of the examples where it works. During working, it must run 10 responsibilities. Pay attention to the following 10 points based on the Case Manager job Description:

  1. It will manage the case of portfolios in the initial.
  2. Undertake meetings regularly along with clients.
  3. Liaison with key stakeholders to establish effective relationships while maintaining them.
  4. The Case Manager is in charge to manage providers proactively.
  5. Work according to relevant legislation, internal policy, and procedure, and health care best practices.
  6. Update cases while maintaining them accurately.
  7. The Case Manager also should manage up-to-date and accurate case information.
  8. Assist to manage various needs and services of patient health care. It is such as mental health, geriatric care, long-term care, and substance abuse.
  9. Collaborate with clients to generate a treatment plan.
  10. Use a discharge plan to work with each service provider.

9 Requirements in Case Manager Job Description

Let 9 requirements in Case Manager job description perfect your planning for hiring new staff in minutes. Besides writing the responsibilities, you should emphasize the qualifications or requirements. Do not worry because it is not difficult to organize it. Quite follow and perceive the qualifications below:

  • A Case Manager must show a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in various studies. It may come from social work, communication, business, or equivalent.
  • Demonstrate the prior Case Manager Experience.
  • Another working experience is to develop a treatment plan so it liaison with clients.
  • The Case Manager should master the knowledge of legislation that is relevant to cases.
  • The Case Manager needs a valid driver’s license.
  • It as well as must possess some background in health care. It includes social work, health care, mental health, long-term care, disability care, geriatric care, and substance abuse recovery.
  • Once more, the Manager of Case must show the experience of working in a customer service environment.
  • Due to it relates to customers, clients, or patients, the written and verbal skills must brilliant. It needs proficient communication to handle the clients.
  • Manage competing demands by using the ability to outcome-focused.

After this, you must succeed in your plan to hire people with the right qualifications. Thank you for understanding the Case Manager job Description. Good luck!


  • What is a Case Manager?

A Case Manager is a Manager working in some healthcare facilities or social services. It exists to aid the patients as clients within accessing health and social service.

  • Who are the Clients?

The clients of the Case Manager are various from different ages and backgrounds. It must be willing to serve people with mental health, chronic diseases, elderly, and they are with physical rehabilitation.

  • What about the Case Manager’s educational background?

It may come from a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree but the fields are specific. Both degrees must come from business, social work, or communication.



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