Clinical Research Coordinator Job Description for Clinical Trials

Clinical Research Coordinator job description assists to understand what Clinical Research Manager delegates. According to this template, it is in charge to administer clinical trials as the primary responsibility. Then, it breaks into several duties to finish easily. Pay attention to the Clinical Research Coordinator job description resume and learn it better.

13 Clinical Research Coordinator Job Description Responsibilities that you must know

Clinical Research Coordinator is a professional worker that works under Clinical Research Manager. It implies it gets assignments from the manager. The primary duty is administering clinical trials like managing clinical trials. It also informs on study objectives to participants, collect data, and administer questionnaires. To finish the main duties, Clinical Research Coordinator job description breaks into 13 points:

  1. The Clinical Research Coordinator supervises the clinical trials keep running smoothly.
  2. Use data from research to gather, code, as well as analyze it.
  3. Managing research budgets is the Coordinator or Clinical Research’s duty.
  4. Provide information on study objectives to participants.
  5. The Clinical Research Coordinator administers questionnaires.
  6. Ensure participants’ adherence to the rule of study by monitoring research participants.
  7. The Clinical Research Coordinator must comply with research regulatory standards.
  8. Obey to the standard of ethics.
  9. Maintain a record of studies based on FDA guidelines in detail. The records also discuss drug dispensation.
  10. The Clinical Research Coordinator collaborates with laboratories to discuss or get findings.
  11. Engage to participate in the efforts of subject recruitment.
  12. The Clinical Research Coordinator should ensure the suppliers and equipment are available well. Both are necessary to study in working order and stock.
  13. Engage with subjects to perceive their apprehensions.

5 Qualifications on Clinical Research Coordinator Job Description

There are 5 qualifications that you can find in the Clinical Research Coordinator job description. A lot of parties including you should know and understand them. Exactly, it consists of:

  • The Clinical Research Coordinator should origin from Nursing in an associate’s degree.
  • The mandatory qualification is a minimum of 2 years of healthcare experience.
  • The Clinical Research Coordinator must possess attention to detail, analytical mindset.
  • Some essential skills to master exceptionally are interpersonal, communication, as well as organization.
  • The Clinical Research Coordinator must be willing to self-educate continually.

Clinical Research Coordinator includes an amazing profession that works in healthcare facilities. However, it stands under the authority of the Clinical Research Manager. Without this staff, the coordinator does not know what to do both primary and general. It delegates the assignment to administer clinical trials in the Clinical Research Coordinator job description. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is the Clinical Research Coordinator?

It is a staff in healthcare facilities to administer clinical trials according to the Clinical Research Manager’s delegation.

  • How does Clinical Research Coordinator perform?

The Clinical Research Coordinator performs by managing clinical trials, administering questionnaires, informing participants about the goal of study. The main duty includes gathering data.

  • What Educational background, experience, and skills to possess by Clinical Research Coordinator?

This staff must graduate from an associate’s degree in Nursing and the experience in healthcare is at least in 2 years. Meanwhile, the skills and abilities are plenty enough including communication, interpersonal, analytical mindset, and so on. See detailed information on this template.



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