Composer Job Description and Its FAQ


For the musical company or group, a composer can be said as one of the most influential agents. Well, based on the composer job description, a person in this position will write, direct, and create the kinds of music with different genres. Of course, the music will be applied in several usages, such as for film, television, video games, and other projects.

Composer Job Description Templates

It can be said that the composer will influence the running of the musical group or company. That is why the management will try to find discipline and talented composers to fill the needed position. Through recruiting the best composer, of course, there will be many interesting music products created.

For the candidate, to be a successful and selected composer, they need to have in-depth knowledge about music. Besides, the candidate also needs to have critical and innovative thinking, so they can create unique music with different genres based on the needs of the management.

Then, for the recruiter, they can use the job description template to run the recruitment process. By using the template, they can find the basic information that the candidate needs to know. Besides, the template also will ease the recruiter since they don’t need to make the document from a blank paper.

Composer Responsibilities

Creating music with different genres becomes the main responsibility of the composer. However, after being selected as the new composer, the potential candidate will face some other responsibilities in running their tasks, such as:

  • Analyzing projects and specification to gather the prior information, especially about the process of composing
  • Composing, recording, and performing some musical scores and arrangements in different media, such as TV, commercials, movies, production of theaters, and others
  • Attending the studio sessions and rehearsals to provide the creative input
  • Expanding knowledge of the musical equipment, software packages, and the recordings techniques
  • Scheduling meetings with the producers and directors to discuss project requirements and contracts
  • Receiving the feedback and completing the composition revisions
  • Communicating any issues to the director or the produces with a good manner
  • Traveling to meet with the clients when it is needed

Composer Requirements

To be the selected composer, of course, the candidate needs to fill the needed requirements. The requirements here will be the way to value the competencies and capabilities of the candidates.

Well, some requirements to be considered by the candidates before joining the recruitment process are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in music theory, music composition, and related fields
  • Master’s degree will be preferred
  • Portfolio as a composer
  • Competence in more instruments
  • Strong communication skills both verbal and written
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to follow the directions
  • Ability to collaborate with others
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Good attitude

Composer FAQ

What are the main duties of the composer to handle?

Creating music with different genres will be faced as the main duty of the composer. However, a composer also needs to coordinate with the management to fill the tasks, especially in running some projects.

Can I edit the posted job description of the composer on this page?

Yes, you can. All templates of the composer job description on this page are editable. You can get the files by clicking the download button and then edit it using Microsoft Office software.


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