Cosmetologist Job Description for giving Complete Body Care

A Cosmetologist job description informs on the professional duties and performance that sound complex. It handles all body treatment such as hair, makeup, nail, and skin. However, it more focuses on hair treatment like coloring, cutting, conditioning style, and shampooing. The Cosmetologist Career job description template assists to understand all.

10 Responsibilities in Cosmetologist Job Description

The Cosmetologist has some popular names like a Beautician, Manicurist, Hairdresser, until Beauty Operator. Here, it shows 10 responsibilities to complete and the Cosmetologist job description reveals them well:

  1. A Hairdresser treats hairs from cutting, shampooing, coloring, and styling. It also utilizes some chemical solutions such as dyes and bleaches.
  2. This Beautician is proficient to use some equipment like dryers, curlers, scissors, straighteners, and clippers.
  3. It is in charge of caring as well as selling hairpieces and wigs.
  4. The Cosmetologist provides skincare treatments and using various creams and lotions. Besides that, it provides massages, scalp treatments, and facials.
  5. It is willing to shape eyebrows and trim or remove unwanted hair from the client’s face.
  6. This Beauty Operator provides advice and demonstrations on makeup use.
  7. As the Manicurist, it must care for nails from shaping nails, applying nail polish, and trimming and softening cuticles.
  8. Nurture sanitary and cleanliness on the equipment as well as the work area.
  9. Make appointments and answer the phone for undertaking business tasks.
  10. The Beauty Operator is in charge of developing makeup application techniques, new hairstyles, and other beauty treatment processes.

Cosmetologist Job Description with 5 Requirements to join the position

Okay, the Cosmetologist job description just provides 5 requirements to join or get this position. It is such as:

  • Beautician demands a high school diploma or equivalent. However, it is willing to undertake further education.
  • It has a certification that recognizes a cosmetology school.
  • Alongside that, the Cosmetologist has a state license.
  • The Beauty Operator must excellently customer service,  communication, and listening skills.
  • The Cosmetologist should attention to detail, strong creative ability, and dexterity in hands and fingers.

Well, let’s check the interview questions or guide them to know the real quality of the candidate. According to the requirements above, many people will be willing to meet them administratively. However, the real quality will appear when you meet them in the interview session. So, quite rely on this template to birth the most effective questions that emphasize some essential things. It is such as the prior working experience, ability, skills, knowledge, and so on.

Thank you for following the Cosmetologist job description and be grateful. Without this template, you may have hired careless people that only good in administration files. Smooth your plan. Good luck!


  • What are Cosmetologists?

It is a Beauty Operator, Beautician, Manicurist, and or Hairdresser that handles complex treatment on the body. This profession treats the customer from the hair until nails. It is such as cutting, shampooing, styling, curling, coloring, body treatment, manicure, pedicure, and more.

  • What is a Cosmetologist Educational Background?

The Beautician may use a high school diploma or equivalent but it is willing to engage further education. It also shows a certification from a cosmetology school.

  • What specific skill to possess by a Cosmetologist?

It is mandatory to work with dexterity in fingers and hands.


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