Diesel Mechanic Job Description

Diesel Mechanic Job Description with Interview Queries

Diesel Mechanic job description reveals numerous duties and requirements for the staff. Maintaining and repair the vehicle that uses a diesel machine are the main responsibilities. There are also other duties that you can learn from this diesel technician job description. Let’s see it and understand it.

Diesel Mechanic Job Description with 10 Responsibilities

Such as you know, the mechanic of diesel handles the diesel machine-based vehicles. The responsibilities include maintenance, repair, diagnostic tests, and test drive. The test driving is useful to maintain detailed records and gauge performance on the vehicles. Those duties can realize within 10 duties such as in this Diesel Mechanic job description:

  1. Conduct diagnostic tests on vehicles.
  2. Analyze diagnostic test results.
  3. Replace vehicle engines, braking systems, steering mechanisms, and transmissions.
  4. Check vehicle lighting systems.
  5. Gauge vehicle performance by running test-driving.
  6. Perform trucks service maintenance as a preventative action.
  7. Maintain detailed vehicle service records.
  8. Adhere to an inspection procedure checklist.
  9. Maintain a parts inventory.
  10. Ensure the cleanliness of the shop.

Diesel Mechanic Job Description reveals 12 Requirements inside

The mechanic also needs a good education diploma, certification, knowledge, and skills. So, the mechanic does not only rely on power but also intelligent. 12 requirements cover those completions that exist in this Diesel Mechanic job description. Look at below:

  • Diesel technicians must graduate from Automotive Engineering or Mechanical.
  • It has an ASE Diesel Certification for the more advantageous opportunity and for the company.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • The aptitude for science and mathematics is excellent.
  • The knowledge of diesel engine components advance.
  • Outstanding IT and diagnostic skills.
  • It has fit physic and ability to lift up to 150 pounds.
  • Proficiency with repair and maintenance tools.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Good organizational skills.

Bonus: 5 Vital Questions for Interviewing

Of course, you hope they will meet you immediately in the interview sections. Precisely, you have prepared some questions including these 5 vital inquiries:

  1. Try to ask about the most important skills must possess by a Diesel Mechanic.
  2. Ask for the candidate to describe a reconditioning process of a diesel engine.
  3. Ask for them to describe their experience to solve a mechanical issue.
  4. Submit a question to improve a diagnostic analysis error that they have done by experience.
  5. Ask about how to respond to unhappy clients toward their services.

Thank you for your following and hopefully, you get many useful things from this post. Diesel Mechanic job description today satisfies the reader with an additional bonus. Feel free to follow those interview questions above. Good luck!


  • What is a Diesel Mechanic or Technician?

A Diesel Mechanic works in the workshops and companies that focus on the diesel machine-based vehicles. The main responsibilities are the maintenance and repair of any vehicles with diesel machine power.

  • What is the Responsibility of a Diesel Mechanic?

The Main responsibilities include testing drivers, replacing parts, conducting diagnostic tests, and so on.

  • How to Hire a Diesel Mechanic through Interview?

Prepare smart questions that will give desired results within adding new staff or mechanics. You may arrange interview questions as many as you want to but do not forget 5 vital questions. It even, only asks about five questions from this page you have god the perfect employee with the real skill and ability.



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