Fleet Manager Job Description for Transportation Industry 

Fleet Manager job description comes to assist your understanding of this profession. By understanding the duties and requirements, you will easier look for and get the right worker. Do you need a Fleet Manager job description resume? Congratulation, you have found the best source for it.

Fleet Manager Job Description presents plenty of Liabilities

Fleet Manager itself is a logistics specialist that works in the transportation industry. It has some primary responsibilities that you will them in detail below. The Fleet Manager job description will outline how they purchase vehicles for delivery while maintaining them. It demonstrates how it registers vehicles and licenses. Lastly, it shows ways to maximize profits and cut costs. For more information, look at below:

  1. Such as you read, the Fleet Manager should buy and maintain vehicles for deliveries.
  2. Even, it has a right to decide between rent and buys vehicles.
  3. The Fleet Manager will assist to recruit the most qualified drivers for the fleet. It responds to develop the schedule of the driver efficiently to maximize profits. Alongside that, the manager manages the drivers to adhere to strict schedules.
  4. Utilize their management to enroll and license all vehicles.
  5. Such as you know, it is in charge to discover ways to cut costs as well as maximize profits.
  6. Generate greater fuel efficiency by developing strategies.
  7. Keep detailed records of the inspection and service of the vehicles.
  8. Obey to the US Department of Transport Laws and regulations.
  9. The Fleet Manager ensures operational efficiency by scheduling the regular maintenance of vehicles.
  10. Maintain schedules and minimize downtime by ensuring maintenance times and strict servicing.
  11. The Fleet Manager also ensures a high level of customer service and monitors driver behavior.
  12. Improve business operational efficiency from analyzing data.
  13. It must monitor drivers and track vehicles utilizing GPS systems in case of theft.

8 Requirements on Fleet Manager Job Description

Let’s learn the requirements that you need to open a job position. The Fleet Manager job description presents 8 requirements such as below:

  • A Fleet Manager needs a degree in Logistics or Accounting.
  • It should work as a logistics before at least for 2+ years.
  • The candidate can show ensuring experience in the transportation industry.
  • The Fleet manager should possess outstanding organizational skills.
  • Brilliant skills in problem-solving and analytical mindset must possess by the Fleet Manager.
  • Show awesome quantitative ability.
  • It must possess attention to detail.
  • The Fleet Manager must show exceptional interpersonal skills, verbal communication, and writing skills.

After this, the prospective candidates to be your new Fleet Manager will come to get this position. This Fleet Manager job description is effective to use amid the crisis of job because of a pandemic. Feel free to welcome them. Good luck!


  • What is a Fleet Manager?

It is an employee that handles logistic in the transportation industry with some primary duties.

  • What the Fleet Manager should perform?

According to the job description template, it handles three main responsibilities. It includes the responsibility to purchase vehicles and maintain them before delivering. Secondly, it registers the vehicles for getting a license and others. Lastly, it is in charge to maximize profits and cut costs.

  • What is the Fleet Manager of Educational Background?

It can come from a degree in logistics or accounting.


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