Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Description; Working with Heavy Equipment For Construction

A heavy equipment mechanic must be a person that specializes working with heavy equipment and machinery for certain goals. Heavy equipment mechanic job description includes operating heavy machinery for farming, construction, and railway transport. As the one who makes use of the machinery, heavy equipment must also maintain it by doing any services, repairs, and inspections. As he has many tasks to do, usually, a heavy equipment mechanic will use the heavy equipment mechanic job description template to manage his working list.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Description Information

We are looking for a person to work at our office as a heavy equipment mechanic who understands about heavy equipment mechanic job description duties well. The candidate must have excellent knowledge and understanding of operating various heavy machinery. Plus, they need to know ways to provide varied machinery maintenance.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Responsibilities

To be a good heavy equipment mechanic, you have several responsibilities to do related to your heavy equipment mechanic job description. They are:

  • Drive to the job site
  • Report any faulty  or damaged equipment to the management
  • Perform daily inspection on cranes, trucks, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment for better performance
  • Consult with other professional mechanics
  • Diagnose any faults or damages with computerized testing equipment
  • Perform major repairs (if necessary)
  • Adjust equipment and change for faulty parts
  • Clean and service the machine attachments including blades, winches, or side booms
  • Repair any broken equipment parts
  • Clean, lubricate, and do routine services on heavy machinery or vehicles

Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Qualifications

If you would like to work as a heavy equipment mechanic, you must meet the requirements of the heavy equipment mechanic job description. What are they? Let’s check it out below!

  • High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Experience working as a heavy equipment mechanic or a diesel (min. 2 years)
  • Possess Heavy Equipment Mechanic certification
  • Great knowledge and understanding of computer testing technologies
  • Gorgeous ability to operate or lift heavy machinery
  • Strong knowledge of diesel engines and construction equipment
  • Great communication skills (verbal and written communication)
  • Willing to work for hours


Heavy Equipment Mechanic FAQ

What is a Heavy Equipment Mechanic?

A heavy equipment mechanic becomes the person who works at any site with heavy machinery. He or she must be able to operate varied kinds of heavy machinery or vehicles. Usually, a heavy equipment mechanic will understand how to maintain heavy equipment as well as to conduct services and repairs.


What Should You Include in a Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Vacancy?

If you are about to post a heavy equipment mechanic job vacancy, you must mention all the necessary qualifications and requirements. Do not forget to mention diesel engines and construction equipment knowledge. Remember, a heavy equipment mechanic should maintain heavy machinery himself. It is also important to include the understanding of computer testing technologies to check the machinery from any damages.


Do You Need to Interview Applicants for Heavy Equipment Mechanics?

It is important to interview heavy equipment mechanic applicants since this job requires several certain skills. Having a direct interview, you might test them whether or not they know and understand diesel or computer testing technologies. More importantly, you could check their certification.


Finally, this heavy equipment mechanic work description may be helpful for those who need this information.



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