Hotel Letterhead Free Template in PSD

The Artistic Style and Useful Design of Modern Hotel Letterhead

When visiting a hotel, you can ask for the paper at the front desk. You can write a note about a certain thing. The paper is not just a plain document. On the contrary, it has a letterhead with the hotel name and logo. Everything in the hotel is marked with its name and logo, including the modern hotel letterhead.

The letterhead for a hotel business is more than fancy artwork. Moreover, you can recognize where the letterhead comes from after seeing what has been written on the letterhead. Some people collect the original letterhead from various hotels, especially luxury ones. They put the extra effort into making this one. On the other hand, the small hotel can apply the same approach regarding the letterhead. It is a part of marketing where customers and guests receive after staying. Hiring a professional designer is quite expensive, so the best solution is using the ready-made template.

Modern Hotel Letterhead Main Design

Various designs are available for the modern hotel letterhead. Each has a unique side and attractive layout. In general, they have the same concept and style. The contents are not too different, even most designers utilize the same pattern.

  1. Hotel name

Letterhead has a hotel name as a key component. The name is not just plain text. On the contrary, it uses a unique font style to be recognizable easily. You can choose tons of options for font style. Before choosing the style, you must know that the name must look clear and elegant.

  1. Logo

The name is not enough for the letterhead. Usually, the design will combine with a logo or icon. The hotel prepares several variations to implement in various styles. Complete letterhead with logo and name is for formal document and marketing. The logo is enough for paper layout.

  1. Style background

The last part is the background. Letterhead will be on paper and style is printed directly. Blank paper with a letterhead should have a bright space where people can write.

Modern Hotel Letterhead Style and Layout

The next section will show some styles you can find in the modern hotel letterhead. Check the following list for more information.

  • Formal layout

The formal layout is for the business document. It has a complete name and basic information, including the logo. The hotel uses it when creating a business proposal, report, etc.

  • Side style

The regular letterhead has the background and the style on top, bottom, or both. On the contrary, you can change the location on the left or right side.

  • Full background

If the hotel prepares more budget, having a full background letterhead is the best thing for marketing. It is like you make a completely new paper.

  • Casual and unspecified style

The last one is a casual style. In this design, the designers and hotels do not follow the rule. They choose whatever design that fits them.

Modern Hotel Letterhead PSD Design

Designers use Photoshop when designing this letterhead. This software has been in the top choice for digital design. You can make various letterheads for a modern hotel with an attractive and impressive style.

Modern Hotel Letterhead Template PSD

The template for the modern hotel letterhead is free. The file is in PSD format with an editable and scalable model. After downloading, you need to open and change a few things to adjust to your need. As you know, the PSD file has layers, and each of them is for specific content.  

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