Library Assistant Job Description aids Librarian and Customers

Such as the name the Library Assistant job description outlines how it assists the main librarian. It applies to the university, college, school, and other academic institutions. It does not matter to know the Librarian Assistant job description although the responsibilities look simple. Everything needs to learn and understand.

Library Assistant Job Description and 15 Liabilities to conduct

According to the Library Assistant job description, it has 15 duties to complete. It turns out they are the explanation of the library operation and management. Meanwhile, the main responsibilities assist readers or borrowers in finding their books. Check-in and out books at the front desk. Afterward, it returns the books on the shelves according to their categorization. Perhaps, this explanation still makes you confused. Therefore, look at the 15 duties and start to understand the point per point:

  1. The Assistant of Librarian must assist customers to locate books.
  2. It as well as assists them in finding material online.
  3. Always check the books at the front desk both in and out.
  4. It also must sort books according to the categorization and then put them in the bookshelves.
  5. Update customer profiles both maintaining and enrolling new customers.
  6. Keeping records for the books that the customers take and borrow.
  7. Prepare a catalog for new arrivals.
  8. Provide internet access to assist customers and ensure their technical necessaries have been meeting.
  9. The Library Assistant will organize the repair of books that damage.
  10. Ensure the damage of the books on behalf of the customer by inspecting the conditions. The Assistant must check it before and after borrowing.
  11. Manage customers’ inquiries via telephone, email, and over-the-counter.
  12. Help the library within creating events as well as reading sessions.
  13. The Librarian Assistant should manage the fine payments.
  14. It creates the audio-visual material catalog as well as other mediums.
  15. Settle any disruptions in the library.

7 Qualifications on Library Assistant Job Description

Next, the Librarian that needs an assistant must understand the qualifications. According to the Library Assistant job description, almost every person can meet it. Moreover, they just need 7 qualifications such as below:

  • A Library Assistant quite graduates from a high school.
  • Nonetheless, it needs some role experience in serving customers.
  • It keeps needing basic computer literacy.
  • The skills in organizational keep amazing.
  • The Librarian Assistant must attention to detail as well as good problem-solving ability.
  • Show interpersonal skills awesomely.
  • The skills in communication for the Library Assistant both written and verbal must exceptional.

Thank you for reading this Library Assistant job description and you must apply for the content. Feel the effectiveness during you hire a new assistant. Good luck!


  • What is Library Assistant?

Library assistant works for assisting the Librarian by engaging in the Library management as well as operations. The job description is useful for all educational backgrounds or levels. It is such as university, school, private, and public libraries

  • What are the Main Duties of the Library Assistant?

There are some responsibilities to complete and this template has outlined them in 15 points. However, the main responsibilities are for assisting customers in finding books and online materials. It checks books from the damage that the customers’ cause both before and after. It stores the books on the racks according to the categories.

  • What is the Educational Background of the Assistant?

The candidate with a high school diploma allows enrolling the job.



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