Lifeguard Job Description shows the Noble Duties

A lifeguard job description is very useful for some parts like the beach, pool, river, and water parks. Those spots need these staff to save people who are swimming and water sports participants. According to the Lifeguard role description, it not only ensures the safety of the swimmers and the water sports participants. Know more the roles until requirements in detail!

Lifeguard Job Description presents 9 Heroic Responsibilities

Being a Lifeguard is not easy and also needs numerous skills more than swimming. It is because the profession is to save the life of the water sports participants and the swimmers. The job responsibilities appear every day both in daily vacation and specific events. Such as the name, it has different workspaces because it chooses water parks, beaches, and rivers. The general illustration of the Lifeguard’s duties is enforcing and explain safety rules. It as well as regards to saving lives using first aid knowledge and rescue people in danger.

According to the Lifeguard job description, the primary heroic duties break into 9 activities. It is such as:

  1. The Lifeguard must supervise the activities at an aquatic facility.
  2. It assists in providing swimming lessons.
  3. Explain and enforce policies, rules, and regulations to ensure the safety of patrons.
  4. Recognize danger signs by monitoring designating areas.
  5. The Lifeguard is mandatory to warn swimmers about unsafe situations.
  6. It as well as maintain order in the swimming areas.
  7. Rescue swimmers that are in danger of drowning and respond to emergencies.
  8. It must give first aid procedures to the swimmers or water sports participants.
  9. The Lifeguard keeps having a duty to maintain orderliness and cleanliness to all areas, records, and reports.

Lifeguard Job Description contains 8 Cool Requirements

The Lifeguard job description informs on 8 amazing requirements to meet. Well, it is a heroic job position where only people with a kind heart and good skills can do it. Moreover, the job is also a risk to their soul. Okay, be brave to try this challenging profession and meet the following requirements:

  • The requirement of Lifeguard also manages about the minimum year. The minimum age of the staff is at least 16 years old.
  • Even though, it must complete a lifeguard training.
  • Add the experience for about 1+ months working in the same field.
  • Ask for proving the certification of CPR, AED, and First Aid.
  • The Lifeguard keeps prioritizing written and verbal communication skills proficiently.
  • It is proficient to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and various ages.
  • This job may work by shift system.
  • It must possess agile, dexterous, strong, and fit physical.

Okay, thank you for your willingness to follow this Lifeguard job description. You must take the lesson and everything useful to support your open job. Good luck!


  • What is Lifeguard?

It is a professional that works for saving water sports participants and swimmers that are in danger. The Lifeguard will save them and giving first aid in the emergency conditions.

  • Where does Lifeguard work?

It has several places to works from the rivers, beaches, and water parks. Those places are always full of people from various backgrounds and ages.

  • What are the supporting factors for the Lifeguard?

The supporting factors are minimum ages, training, certification, and experience, and skills.


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