Mental Health Worker Job Description and its FAQs


A mental health worker is also known as a psychiatric technician. They will provide basic care, therapy, and also aid for patients with mental illness or development disabilities. Besides, a mental health worker also will provide help with daily activities, overview the patients’ condition, and help to administer therapeutic care. This mental health worker job description will be useful to select the proper candidate.

The mental health worker job description design ideas

You need to hire the best mental health worker to work on your organization or company. You have to get an empathetic and patient mental health worker to give support for mental health patients and the families in the psychiatric facility or residential setting. They have responsibilities to work under a registered nurse and helping patients with daily activities.

Besides, a mental health worker also will work to do the daily activities of the patients like bathing, eating, and getting dressed, and taking the vital measurement. Those are heart rate and blood pressure.

If you want to be a successful mental health worker, you need to be compassionate and professional. Moreover, you also need to capable to remain respectful of the patient at all times to work.

The mental health worker responsibilities 

A mental health worker has responsibilities to do. The mental health worker job description responsibilities are:

  • Help the patients with daily tasks like eating, bathing, and clothing
  • Make sure that the patients follow the treatment plans and taking the necessary medication well
  • Alleviating duties from the patient’s families
  • Making a treatment plan for patients friendly
  • Intake the new patients and work together with other staff members to supervise the issues patients are facing
  • Work together to develop the treatment plans and strategies to get the best patient needs
  • Provide the medications and other treatments to patients
  • Constantly oversee the patients make sure that their safety and well-being
  • Observe the patients behavior and keep meticulous records
  • Make a plan and lead the individual, family, couples, or group therapy to address the patients issues

The mental health worker requirements 

To be a mental health worker, you need to prepare some requirements to fulfill. Some mental health worker job description requirements are:

  • A certification in mental health
  • Patience for a stressful situation
  • Capable to work flexible hours
  • A desire to help others
  • Hand-on experience to show nursing service to psychiatric patients
  • Familiar with nursing interventions and CASSP system

The mental health worker FAQs

What are the core skills of a mental health worker?

If you want to be a mental health worker, you need to have a core skill to apply. You can read in the mental health worker job description ideas like strong written and verbal communication skills, outstanding interpersonal skills, and understanding individual, family, and group therapy practice.

Can I edit the mental health worker job description here?

Of course, you can. The mental health worker’s job description is editable. In other words, you can edit and change any detailed information in this template suitable for your needs. Because of that, you only need to download it on this page without any difficulties.


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