Network Administrator Job Description Template Example

A network administrator must be a person whose job desk is to manage routine computer network’s operations for business or organization. The network administrator job description includes installing hardware or software, watching over digital security, maintaining operations and capacity of the computers, etc. A network administrator is also known as a network system administrator or computer system administrator. This person tends to use a network administrator job description template as a useful working-list.

Network administrator Information

We are searching for a person to work at our company as a network administrator who understands about network administrator job description well. The candidate must be professional and graduate from the Computer Science degree. It is a must for a network administrator to have excellent knowledge and understanding of network devices, infrastructure, and troubleshooting as well.

Network administrator Responsibilities

A network administrator must have several responsibilities to do related to the network administrator job description tasks. They are:

  • Assess the needs of a company or organization’s computer system and network
  • Watch over both local and wide area networks
  • Install both hardware and software (when needed)
  • Identify and solve troubleshooting problems found
  • Perform the computer system upgrades and repairs (if necessary)
  • Train users on hardware and software
  • Oversee the company’s or organization’s digital security
  • On-board computer users to network
  • Perform maintenance that all computer operating systems
  • Get and analyze data to optimize networking performance

Network administrator Job Qualifications and Requirements

If you would like to work as a network administrator in our office, you must meet certain network administrator job description qualifications. They are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, or related fields
  • Experienced working as a network administrator before (min. 3 years)
  • Good knowledge and understanding of application transports, network infrastructure troubleshooting, protocols, and devices
  • Willing to work with all IT staff with different level
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work fast to implement and administer network devices
  • Willing to create documentation as well as network diagrams for planning and designing a network communication system
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Willing to learn new technologies and products with internet resources
  • Dependable and flexible kind of person
  • Experienced with local and wide area network


Network administrator FAQ

What is a Network administrator?

A network administrator becomes the person with great knowledge and understanding of the computer network system. He is responsible for the routine computer network operation as well as ensures digital security. Sometimes, he helps the IT staff to install software and hardware when necessary. He also solves networking issues and troubleshooting problems.


What Should You Include in a Network administrator job Vacancy?

If you are about to post a network administrator job vacancy, you must write down all the qualifications and requirements needed. Do not forget to mention the analytical and problem-solving skills. Remember, a network administrator should be the one who fixs and solve the computer’s network error. Plus, it is important to mention communication skills since he will work with other IT staff.


Do You Need to Interview Applicants for a Network administrator?

It is a must to interview the applicants for a network administrator. Not for a formal reason but for seeing capable candidates directly. By having a direct interview, you might test them and ask for their knowledge about the computer network. It is also possible to ask them to perform practical work.


That’s all about network administrator job information; hopefully it is useful for you who need it.


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