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10+ Convenient Newspaper Cover Template Layouts, Formats, Designs

A newspaper can be defined as a regular publication containing written info about current events. The contents may relate to advertising, features, and opinions. Its cover becomes the first impression to grab people’s attention. In this article, we will focus on discussing a newspaper cover template.

Types of Newspapers

Before we discuss the PSD newspaper cover template further, it is important to know about the types of newspapers. The first type is a tabloid where it measures 11×17 inches. Smaller than a broadsheet, this kind of newspaper has no more than 5 columns. Usually, it contains more images.

Another type is a broadsheet. This one is considered the most common newspaper format. It contains news that ranges from businesses, sports, crimes, and many more. Different newspapers have different covers. So, you have to create its cover based on the type of newspaper you would like to make.

Newspaper Cover Template Layouts & Designs

Now, let’s talk about PSD newspaper cover template layouts. It depends on the design of the newspaper such as a single-page newspaper, black-and-white newspaper, foldable newspaper, colored newspaper, and many more. By understanding this, you will be able to create the proper layout.

You can customize the template to add titles, headlines, pictures, images, articles, logo, or anything else. Our templates are well-designed and they look professional. We have more than 10 sample templates that work for your own purpose. So, you will have to find and choose the most appropriate one.

Newspaper Cover Template Samples

If you are searching for PSD newspaper cover sample templates, you are on the right site. This article contains many sample templates with different designs, layouts, and formats. One of the examples is a religious newspaper, a political newspaper, a health newspaper, a financial newspaper, and many more.

If you still need more templates, you can find other samples such as an automobile newspaper, a real estate newspaper, a sports newspaper, a technology newspaper, a tabloid newspaper, a travelling newspaper, a student newspaper, a fashion newspaper, a school newspaper, a political newspaper, etc.

How to Use a Newspaper Cover Template

In this article, we provide you editable PSD newspaper cover templates. All of the editable templates are convenient to use. Everyone can download the template, open it, and make some changes to the titles, headlines, layouts, articles, & pictures. Once you edit the template, you can directly print it out.

Using our templates will be very advantageous. It can prevent the hassles of drawing up a newspaper cover from scratch. Besides that, it also prevents wastage of time. In addition, you can also quickly edit the template as per the need of the user. All the templates really work for all needs.

Another good point about this newspaper cover template is that it can be used to protect the environment. It means that once the template is edited, you can convert it into a PDF format. Now, just feel free to find and pick the most appropriate template available here.

Newspaper Cover Ideas

Newspaper Cover Example


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