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10+ Editable Articles Newspaper Template Samples

A few years ago, many people read newspapers before technologies are growing so fast. Today, some people still rely on newspapers to read articles and get updated information. If you are a newspaper writer, the following articles newspaper template may be useful and helpful for your reference.

Article Newspaper Template Samples

Here, we provide a collection of PSD article newspaper template samples with different layouts. One of the samples is a financial newspaper. Besides that, a religious newspaper also belongs to one of the sample templates you can find here. The next sample is a health newspaper template.

There are still many other templates you can find on the internet such as a food & health newspaper, a real estate newspaper, an interior design newspaper, an automobile newspaper, an art & culture newspaper, a school newspaper, a student newspaper, a newspaper project template, & many more.

Types of Article Newspaper Templates

When it comes to PSD article newspaper templates, there are a few types available. The first type is an online newspaper template. It can also be called an e-newspaper. This article also contains a collection of online PSD templates that can be used to create the newspaper.

The second type is a Microsoft newspaper template. It is the easiest & commonly used template, especially for printed newspapers. Using Ms. Word, you can create article newspapers easily based on your needs. As we know, Ms. Word is very easy to use so that everyone can use this program.

Another type is an Adobe Illustrator template. This one is also easy to use. However, it requires certain expertise levels. This kind of template can be used to design either e-newspapers or printed ones. If you are looking for article newspaper templates PSD, this article will help you a lot.

The Uses of Article Newspaper Templates

Newspaper templates have some uses. First, you can use newspapers for advertisements. Many people get news updates & other info through newspapers. Usually, newspapers also contain advertisements. Besides, newspapers can also be used to get information updates.

Then, there are also many articles that talk about education. It may relate to the newspaper, medicine, science, etc. Usually, the articles are not only well-researched but also very educational. Whatever the use of the newspaper you make, you can find the proper PSD article newspaper template formats here.

How to Make an Article Newspaper

First of all, you will have to run Ms. Word. You just need to click the Start page & go to Ms. Office. Then, choose Ms. Word and let it run. After that, you can directly open the page layout. Here, you can adjust the size, paper type, column, etc. Now, you can start inserting texts, images, or anything else.

With our articles newspaper template, you will be able to create a newspaper easily. In fact, our templates are free to download, easy to edit, and ready to print. So, just feel free to pick your preferred template and edit it to fit your needs.

Articles Newspaper Design Ideas

Articles Newspaper Ideas

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