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A magazine can be described as a compilation of articles, photos, & layouts featuring the various aspects of daily activities. A magazine contains different topics that range from cars, science, sports, fashion, beauty, etc. If you are a magazine writer, the following article magazine template will be very useful.

Elements of an Article Magazine

A PSD article magazine template contains the following elements. It starts with a headline. It must be compelling, eye-catching, and interesting. After that, the article should begin with an introductory paragraph. Then, you have to go for the body copy.

Next, you need to consider bylines. This part includes the name of the author. The next element is a sub-headline. It aims to break the article in a few sections. For the next element, an article also sometimes contains pull quotes. Written in different fonts, pull quotes make an article unique and interesting.

An article magazine template PSD may also contain image captions. These are usually placed below the image and written in a smaller font. In addition, you also need to think about folio. You must design it well to attract the reader. Another element is the panel where it contains info related to the article.

Types of Article Magazines

Talking about the types, magazines are available in different types. The first is a sports magazine. It talks about general sports stories with photos of players, fans, & stadiums. Besides, there is an environmental magazine where it enlightens the public on environmental problems like global warming, floods, etc.

The next type of article magazine PSD template for entertainment. It covers fashion, TV shows, lifestyles, gossips, etc. The next type is a business magazine where it focuses on entrepreneur’s ideologies & info about real businesses. Another type is an agriculture magazine.

Tips for Writing an Article Magazine

If you want to write an article magazine, the following tips should be considered. First, have to think about a unique idea. Besides that, you also need to search for the right type of magazine. Then, you should design the idea perfectly in order to convey the message excellently.

In addition, writing a PSD article magazine sample template should be started from something small. Here, you must understand the magazine’s content, pick the right theme, be keen on the best cover design, and plan your target audience. So, your magazine will be interesting and eye-catching.

Editable Article Magazine Templates

In this article, you are allowed to pick your preferred article magazine template. Some of the samples include a tech magazine, a business magazine, a fashion magazine, a cooking magazine, a travel magazine, a food magazine, a college annual magazine, a student magazine, a sports magazine, etc.

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