10+ Online Order Confirmation Template

Online Order Confirmation Template and Things to Know About It

Being professional in operating an online business is important. Well, through the professional service, of course, the buyers will be satisfied and your business could have a better trust. That is why you –as the businessman, need to know about the online order confirmation template.

Well, do you ever hear about the online order confirmation?

For the online business, an online order confirmation is an important document that should be sent to the buyer. As its name, this document is used to make confirmation about the order before being processed. In common, it is done by sending a document through an email.

Importance of Online Order Confirmation

As we have said before, an online order confirmation is important to build a professional service in running an online business. Well, these are some benefits of this document that can be the reason why it should be made by you.

This document can be proof of the purchase –or maybe the cancellation. Of course, when you send the online order confirmation, you will have a document as evidence. It will be very useful, especially when there is a complaint after the transaction.

The online order confirmation also can be a reminder about the detailed transaction, especially the delivery time. Then, this document is also useful to enhance brand awareness.

Things to Include Inside Online Order Confirmation

Something that you need to know, the online order confirmation is a formal document. It means there is a formal or standard of format that should be applied.

Inside this document, these are some points that should be applied to create clear information about the transaction. Some matters to be included inside this document are:

  • The detailed information of your company, including the logo, address, contact information, and others
  • The address data of the clients
  • The contact number of the customers just to ease the communication
  • The date of the order confirmation
  • The comprehensive and details order description, including the price, amount, and others
  • The total sum of the order and the sales tax when it is necessary
  • The estimated delivery date
  • The terms of payment and the additional conditions

Some points as above are the common points inside the online order confirmation that should be written. However, you could find another sample to get more references.

Tips to Make a Good Online Order Confirmation

These are also some tips that may help you to make a good online order confirmation. Since it is a formal document, pay attention to your writing style. Use the formal language option and writing style. Avoid using ambiguous words here.

On another hand, deliver clear information about some detailed information. Here, the information should be shown with a good arrangement. That is why you need to create a clear form of the order confirmation.

Online Order Confirmation Template PSD Files

We have some samples of the online order confirmation template on this page. You may use the samples as guidance to find an easier way in making it. Click the download button to get the online order confirmation and then edit it using the proper software.

Online Order Confirmation Design Ideas

Online Order Confirmation Ideas

Online Order Confirmation Example


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